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It is now more than ever, important to be careful with your backlink profile. It is not the same as before when having more links pointing to your site was the ultimate goal. The regular updates of Google’s algorithms see Google penalising websites regularly. If an update has hit your website hard, then it could be related to your previous link building service having poor quality backlinks. Your website could have been penalised by Google which will require a thorough investigation.

Penguin Penalty

Backlink Audits - When And Why You Should Do It

A recent drop in rankings can be corrected by using our link audit services. By using our backlink audit service, you will know exactly where all of your links are coming from and whether these links are still indexed or have been removed from the primary index by Google. If you are coming from a horrendous experience from a previous agency, which probably caused your ranking to drop, then our backlink audit will save your day! This service will find and remove toxic links that may be pointing to your site while protecting your healthy links and ensuring any potential Google manual action correspondence is complemented with a full breakdown of the steps taken to remove any penalty (should you have a notification in Google Search Console).

Some of the tools we utilise for backlink analysis include:

1/. Google Webmaster Tools Manual Action Check

Manual Action

2/. Google Webmaster Tools Links to Site

WMT Links to your site

3/. Majestic SEO – Backlink Quality Check

Majestic Negative Links

4/. Link Research Tools – Backlinks Identification

LRT Links for Disavow or Removal

Outsource Your Backlink Analysis To Us

Why do you need to outsource your backlink removal to us? It is because this process is time-consuming especially if you have tried doing it to your website. Digital Search Group has experts who are highly trained and enthusiastic about targeting your bad links and removing them in a quick and timely manner saving you a lot of headaches and time.

We will be providing you with data of which links to remove and which links to keep.

  • Manual Backlink Analysis Spread sheet
Manual Backlink Shortlisting
  • Disavow File for Submission
Disavow File for Submission
  • Backlink Disavow Submission to Google Webmaster Tools
WMT Disavow Confirmation
  • Successful Manual Penalty Revocation
Manual Spam Revoked

Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information of the many services we offer. Talk to one of our experts who will guide you through link building strategies and other options.

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