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The online world is a vast place where your brand online reputation can be almost as important as your products and services. The online world has changed the way that people interact with each other, research new companies to do business with, and find out more about businesses they plan on visiting in person. For these reasons, online reputation management services for businesses are an essential part of any company’s marketing strategy

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Online Reputation Management Services

A bad online reputation can have a huge impact on your bottom line – it could drive potential customers away from you or even prevent them from hearing about what you have to offer in the first place! When does a bad online reputation become good? Only in show business! When it comes to your business, the impact and value of our positive online reputation management service is priceless. Our online reputation management (ORM) experts have tried and tested strategies to handle negative reviews sentiment toward your brand and replace any negative reviews on the first page of search engines with positive reviews and the sentiment that converts would be clients, into paying clients.

Benefits Of Online Reputation Management

Image is Everything! At Digital Search Australia, we improve your brand’s image. We know the devastating results of an angry customer on the internet. At DSG, our online reputation management services will give you these benefits:

  • Improvement of your brand image
  • Increase in conversion rates
  • Increase in customer satisfaction resulting to increase in revenue

Contact Digital Search Australia now and see how we can turn things around with our online reputation management services.

What Is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management in digital marketing is the process of managing and monitoring a company’s online reputation by controlling what customers, journalists, bloggers, and others say about them. Online reputation management services provide businesses with analytics to track online mentions on search engines like Google or Bing while also engaging with social networks like Facebook or Twitter to respond quickly when someone may leave negative sentiment. Online reputation management in digital marketing is a proactive way to develop and maintain online visibility.

Best Strategies To Manage Online Reputation?

It’s not always easy to control your business online by yourself, which is why online brand management services are so important. If you’re the only one who manages your company’s social media accounts or website content then it can be difficult to create the amount of content that is required to be proactive enough to develop and maintain online visibility by creating social media content, monitoring online mentions on search engines like Google or Bing, engaging in conversations with potential customers who may be discussing your company online (and responding quickly!), and more.

There are many ways to manage your online business reputation – it’s just a matter of figuring out which online reputation management strategies are the best fit for your business.

Why You Must Manage Your Online Reputation

There are many reasons why you need to manage your online reputation. For example, online reviews and feedback can have a huge impact on the success of any business with an online presence. With these in mind it’s important that if there is even one bad review online for your business, you’re taking measures to try and improve this or at least protect it from getting worse because ultimately having a good online reputation means more customers than not will want to do business with you which leads them down the path of becoming long-term clients who refer new potential buyers too – so protecting our positive online reputation is vital!

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At Digital Search Group, we deliver online reputation management services as part of all SEO campaign deliverables and have extensive experience across most niches/situations, managing individuals reputations along with small, medium and large businesses. Explore your options with our team today and we will help you get back the lost sales due to negative sentiment, whatever your situation.

What Are Some Online Reputation Management Services Strategies?

Every brand reputation strategy requires a detailed plan for a successful online reputation management (ORM). There are many ways to manage reputation online, but the best online reputation management is one that is customised, as each company can have different needs. ORM online reputation management services can involve, among others:


To know how your company is being perceived by consumers, it’s important that online mentions of you be tracked to spot any problem before it overwhelms you. A variety of online tools is used to monitor these mentions from every review website to news sites to social media platforms.

Reputation Repair

Through automated monitoring, you will be able to find how your company is perceived online and if there is any damaging content, it would be analysed and the appropriate marketing solutions would be implemented. Requests would also be sent to search engines and review sites to take down fake and offensive content on your company, paving the way for you to rebuild and strengthen your online image.

Review Response

Giving prompt and appropriate responses to customer reviews, especially a customer’s negative feedback, is one of the ways to retain clients and draw in customers. It’s essential that these negative feedback are handled politely, avoiding the use of harsh words that could only intensify the problem. Customer comments would be analysed and provided with well-crafted and helpful responses.

Social Media Management

These days, almost everyone has social media accounts, so you have to create a social media presence, especially on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s now vital to increase your number of followers as well as your activity in these social media platforms as they have become areas where companies can address customer problems. Using hashtags that are relevant to your business can help bring more exposure to each social media post.

Search Engine Optimisation Reputation Management

SEO has been for years an effective way to boost your website’s visibility, particularly in Google search results. SEO can also be used in promoting positive and valuable content as well as in controlling the content online users can get a hold of, which is helpful in both positioning your company as a market leader as well as in being able to control how you are perceived online. The entire process can be tedious, but rest assured our online reputation marketing expert can handle it all for you.

Content Strategy Planning & Publishing

Regularly posting fresh and helpful content on your website can help you get more web traffic, along with credibility and authority. Posts can be in the form of blogs, tutorials, articles, videos or social media posts addressing certain concerns or needs of your target market. You may delight a web page visitor enough to share the content you posted to anywhere else on the internet.

Online Review Management

Online review management services help you gain control of the reviews created on your company. You get to monitor and promptly respond to reviews, as you will be getting email notifications. You will also be able to make improvements in response to the complaints. Apart from automated review collection, you get to boost review volumes by encouraging and making it easier for your customers to review your product or service. A positive review reflects well on your company, which makes it essential to include a tool that can help you easily spread the word.

Survey Campaign

You may have noticed that there seems to be a lot of companies with websites with online surveys attached to a certain page. This is one way of engaging your customers, especially the ones who don’t want to write reviews, and getting updated with what they think about your company. There are various types of surveys to gauge customer satisfaction and collect market insights, some of which are actually doable.

Business Listings

ORM services can include business listings. These help check if your company information across local citations is updated and SEO-optimised and consistent. Add customer reviews as well as ratings to local listings and add websites to search engine results pages. To learn more, don’t hesitate to schedule consultation with us, the trusted professional in ORM.

Online Reputation Management Services FAQs

A company’s reputation is critical to its growth and survival, and that is what an internet reputation service specialises on. It’s now easier for people to voice their opinions on a certain product or service on an online platform, and what customers read online could affect the way they view a brand. Positive reviews naturally help companies attract more customers, while a negative review could mar a company’s marketing. While it’s tempting and while it sometimes works especially in the case of trolls, ignoring customer complaints can be just as bad as responding rudely to a criticism; both would not sit well with potential clients as well as current customers, but it’s often the best time to show off your professionalism and impress consumers.

Because it’s now faster and easier to spread information and with people becoming more and more reliant on Google results, a business that is bent on maintaining a good reputation has to track each content related to its brand, monitor any review site as well as social media platform giants, and counter any negative content with positive ones. As a business owner, you may find managing your reputation online overwhelming, especially if you’re new in the business and you have to focus on the actual operations of your business. You may not even be aware of negative posts targeting you, nor find the need for an ORM expert as there seems to be no negative posts about your company yet. However, prevention is always better than cure even in this case. Negative posts are inevitable, and it’s best to build online confidence before any of it occurs and be ready for it.

All those mentioned are signs that you need the help of a reputation online management who can deal with customers tactfully as well as keep you abreast of what is being said about your company. Now that most of the activities are being done online, you need this expert to protect your company and ensure that it’s able to put its best foot forward at all times.

Negative content can do a lot of harm to your business. The reputation you’ve worked so hard to build for your brand for so many years could easily be torn down by negative reviews, and all the digital marketing efforts would be for naught. Review sites and even social media posts containing bad feedback on your product or service could influence consumers’ buying decisions. This type of online content would find its way on search results and be read by an interested internet user. Shrugging off these negative reviews could cause lasting problems. With just a few clicks, those negative posts would be shared to multitudes of people who would have become your customers. It would be a lost opportunity if your online reputation is marred by these bad reviews showing up on Google results. You could have used your company’s presence online to draw in new clients and keep old ones instead of letting bad online feedback turn people away from you.

You should make sure to protect your reputation online. It’s something which more and more companies have started to do for themselves by hiring reputation managers even before they get hit by bad reviews. Bad feedback isn’t easily quelled and could bring more problems that can even become costly to resolve. Get experts with years of experience to help you in managing your reputation online because nowadays, having a website or social media accounts is not enough for a company to thrive in the increasingly competitive world of business.

There’s no denying the impact of online reputation management services for individuals and companies alike. As to the question, ‘how does online reputation management work,’ it starts with a comprehensive audit that goes through what has already been posted on the internet for mentions and reviews of your brand. The review would tell the brand reputation manager and team of experts the areas that would have to be improved and what strategies would best work for your company. Processes would be put in place, tailored fit to address your needs and aimed at removing any negative content, including negative mentions. A professional public relations team would be assigned to work on cleaning and building up your reputation online by publishing essential content, particularly on social media and review websites, so that anything that would be picked up by any search engine would only help redeem your brand.

Yes, one of ORM’s tool sets involves social media reputation management. With the rampant use of social media platforms both for personal and professional purposes, they have become one of the fastest, easiest and most popular ways to address customer concerns, interact with customers, and share company news and even a few professional tips. Social media platforms are often the first places to go to when customers have concerns. Social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are especially known for their vibrant comments sections, which makes managing reputation through social media is understandably challenging; one wrong post, one improper response to any of the comments and the reputation your company has worked so hard to build could easily be obliterated. However, with an ORM expert, you can turn your company’s social media account to provide maximum support to your customers, address grievances and promote your company.

Along with the steps or ORM strategies you can implement to boost your online reputation, there are online reputation management tools that can help you. When managing online reputation of your brand, you will benefit from tools that help you understand who are your consumers, you’re your consumers think about you, tell you what you need to be able to protect your reputation, update you when your brand is mentioned, help you post regularly so your audience can easily find you and see how active you are online, show you how your site fares against competitors, and help you communicate with your consumers, among others.

If you need a quick overview of your online reputation in a matter of seconds, tools such as The Brand Grader will show you the major blogs and news sites that talk about you, the top sources where you are mentioned, the location of the mentions, and whether consumers are talking about you positively or negatively. Another handy tool when it comes to reputation management online is Awario, which finds mentions of your brand on social media networks, news sites, blogs, forums, and the web, which is similar to Brand Grader. Awario shows you the number of people talking about your service or product as well as their location and who they are.

Social media platforms are often the sources of customer feedback, especially because most people these days have social media accounts. Another handy tool is Buffer, which would let you schedule your posting and send all of them to your social media platforms. As for well-crafted email campaigns, there are tools such as SendInBlue which provide you with email templates. These email templates can also prove useful not just for your email campaign but also when it comes to handling crises and public relations. When you need to issue a statement on product recall or even a poor choice of words from one of your top company leaders, SendInBlue helps you craft the right email content and track the responses.

The number of online review management tools out there could overwhelm you, but you can get all the services you need by going to our ORM expert. We would be happy to handle everything for you.

If you are wondering what a reputation management services expert is, you have come to the right place. As a reputation management firm, we help manage a company’s reputation online. Digital marketing has a lot to do with the reputation of your brand, so business reputation management services come hand in hand with promoting your brand. We make sure that what potential customers see in search results would get them to at least check your website, if not win them over. We monitor and help how your business is being viewed online, analysing what consumers discover about your brand when they search for you, a service you provide or a product you’re offering and shield your brand from negative exposure online.

We help put your brand’s best face forward, promptly replying to complaints expressed in reviews and publishing positive content that convinces customers to trust that your company is the reliable expert that can help them. While your company may still come across negative feedback, our online reputation management Melbourne expert is just within reach to make sure your customers’ grievances are heard and handled well, which a potential client could happen to stumble upon in search results. Our experts will help you look over the online reviews for what is working in your business and what isn’t, as well as what customers want. By interacting with your customers, they will appreciate being heard and would feel valued by your company. This builds not just good rapport but also brand loyalty.

Online Reputation Management is a process designed to protect, monitor and grow your brand’s positive online reputation. It’s important for businesses these days to have not only a great online presence and, due to the fact that many consumers research potential vendors online before they buy anything from them, having an online reputation filled with positive sentiment above negative sentiment is by far the best of the two.