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Since the very beginning, Digital Search has always educated clients on the importance of SEO keyword research and proper planning. While each sector is different, the same principles apply and our team is ready to deliver your requirement any time. Through our experience, it is not merely ranking the highest for searched relevant keywords. It is also necessary to concentrate on longtail keyword opportunities and ensuring your content is visible for what usually ends up being hundreds (if not thousands) of variations for a single page. Traffic to your site can be generated through phrases you would not have normally thought of before. Finding the best opportunities for your business is critical. That’s why it is important to do the right kind of digital marketing services, be it local SEO or international SEO.

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SEO Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis Tools

Google Keyword Planner is a tool that you can use to find out which target keywords work best for you. An analysis of your competitor should be taken into consideration when doing keyword research. This can give you an idea of which area to concentrate on or which area to exploit.

Here are some of the tools we use in keyword research and strategy planning (but are not limited to):

1/. Google Keyword Planner For Keyword Research

Google Adwords Keyword Planner

2/. Google Trends For Keyword Topics Planning

Google Trends

3/. SEMrush Competitor Keyword Analysis

SEMRush KeyWord Research

4/. KWFinder by Mangools

KWfinder Keyword Research Tool

Our SEO Keyword Research Services – Why Hire Us?

Digital Search Group can help you with your SEO keyword research and you feel safe in the knowledge that they’ve sold so many books. Experience in pointing you in the direction. We prefer using the shorter and highly searched keywords and the longer-tailed keywords. This keyword research service will help gather converting traffic to your site. It will also increase your rankings for the shorter and competitive keywords.

We cannot stress further the need to choose the right keywords (and variation of keywords) to save you money, time, and effort on what we call “vanity keywords.” These are keywords that do not give you hits on your website. If you would like more information about keyword research and our other services, contact us today.

Google Keyword Planning Services FAQs

To avoid the potential pitfalls of choosing a product or service with little to no search audience, it’s important to do keyword research before you invest in any new product. If you can’t find evidence of demand for your product or service, then it’s probably best to avoid it. This is especially true if you’re planning to create a product that doesn’t yet exist on the market. Being lazy with your market analysis is simply not an option if you want to make money online.

With 15 years of keyword research under our belts, we’ve tried every keyword finder or keyword generator on the market and have some favourites as follows:

  • Ahrefs: Great for competitor keyword gap finding, has a great keyword rank tracker, and amazing backlink research also.
  • SEMrush: similar to Ahrefs, SEMrush has a great set of tools for finding competitor keyword gaps in organic but also has a meaningful database to help you with paid search opportunity finding, content strategy, and more.
  • KWfinder: Built by Mangools, KWfinder has incredibly accurate local research and this is coupled with immense list-building features and more. Keyword searching to find the gems wouldn’t be the same without it!
  • Google Search Console: Provided a client has given us access, there’s no better data set than pulling out the ranking keywords for each page you are going to be optimising for a clients strategy. Using Google Search Console for this initial list is a free keyword research tool and incredibly simple. The process will normally provide you with a laser targeted seed list of keywords to begin your research with.
  • Google AdWords Keyword Tools: This was originally my ‘go to’ tool for keyword research, but since KWfinder uses the data from the Google AdWords Keyword Tools, it’s become more redundant these days.
  • And many more…

Keywords are important because they help to define and contextualize your content to ensure you embellish the content with as many related and highly topical keywords as possible. Also, keyword research is important (critical) to avoid going down the wrong path and writing about a topic that no-one is searching for, hence why it’s important to conduct keyword research and avoid wasting time on the wrong topic.

Our expert team has a proven track record of delivering exceptional keyword and market research services to clients. Our experts are always on the lookout for new opportunities and they make sure that their clients always

Charges are really depending on whether this is A) full SEO content strategy planning (which is bespoke pricing based on the size of the site and agreement with a client), B) Keyword research being conducted as part of the SEO content creation process for a page (in which case it’s included in the fee) OR, C) A one-off page single page of keyword research (this would be unusual and normally only for proposal process) which would be charged at $100 USD/page including a content brief ready to develop/write optimised copy for a page.