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The Australian eCommerce business is booming, and this upward trend is only going to continue to grow. In 2020 online purchases in Australia increased by 57%, and that’s Year on Year growth, BTW, but if your eCommerce business’ website isn’t using eCommerce SEO effectively, you’re missing out on all the fun. Digital Search Group’s eCommerce SEO services are designed to do one thing: bring more orders to your online store and put more revenue in your pocket. Our team is fast becoming known as the best eCommerce SEO company generating thousands and thousands of sales each year across the eCommerce brands that use our eCommerce digital marketing services in Australia alone.

Our eCommerce SEO services are the best way for any new or established eCommerce websites to increase visibility online in the most cost-effective manner. We are helping to unlock the most lucrative and efficient online sales channel in Australia for an eCommerce store that has been previously out of your reach. No matter what eCommerce platform you rely on, Digital Search Australia is one of the best eCommerce SEO companies in Australia, and our expert team is an extension of yours.

eCommerce SEO Services

Revitalise your Businesses with the Immense Effects of eCommerce SEO Services

If harnessed correctly, the power of eCommerce SEO is immense and can revitalise any business that sells products allowing them to be no longer restricted to their bricks and mortar physical locations; the whole of Australia is your oyster, so to speak. Australian businesses who have already embraced the eCommerce SEO revolution enjoy high search engine rankings, loads of convertible organic traffic and high levels of sales while having an unparalleled advantage over their underperforming competitors. However, if you are one of these underperforming businesses yet to take the plunge and you’re missing out on potential sales from Google organic traffic, our eCommerce SEO agency can help you bridge that gap.

eCommerce SEO Audit Process

Powerful eCommerce SEO Services & eCommerce SEO Strategy To Ignite Sales

The power of eCommerce SEO comes from its surefire ability to generate sales and revenue for your business. We do this by creating a custom eCommerce SEO strategy that both search engines and customers love. Best of all, it doesn’t matter what eCommerce platform you use: Shopify, Magneto, Bigcommerce, and WordPress users can all benefit from the robust eCommerce SEO services offered by Digital Search Group Australia.

Our eCommerce SEO Agency Has Dozens Of Successful eCommerce SEO Strategy Examples

Our in-house team has extensive experience providing a custom eCommerce SEO service to eCommerce brands across Australia, UK, the USA, Canada and beyond. We’re happy to share our expertise with ‘would be’ clients.

Technical eCommerce SEO Auditing: More Moving Parts Than A Swiss Watch

Delivering the best eCommerce search engine optimization services is a tricky business.

Due to the complex nature of eCommerce stores and the required functionality needed to house hundreds if not thousands of individual products continually updated with new products, imagery and pricing, the average eCommerce website often has more moving parts than a Swiss watch. So, of course, it can cause significant confusion with business owners and web developers alike.

Why Our Regular eCommerce SEO Auditing Process is Paramount to Your Success

There are many potential eCommerce SEO technical issues associated with an eCommerce website, and annoyingly these issues are often duplicated across large portions of the website, enhancing their harmful effects on SEO performance. The financial ramifications of experiencing only one or two of these issues can be devastating for an established brand due to loss of eCommerce SEO visibility and traffic and can be the difference between being found and not being found for any new and upcoming eCommerce store. This is why it’s paramount to work with an experienced eCommerce SEO agency with a proven track record that conducts regular SEO audits. Having a periodical eCommerce SEO Auditing process in place will isolate and identify any potential SEO issues generated by the day to day rigmarole of running your eCommerce store. Additionally, our eCommerce SEO service will make sure you are armed with an actionable plan for rectifying any serious eCommerce SEO issues before they have a chance to impact Google visibility and traffic levels significantly. While also developing a contingency plan so the same problems don’t arise again.

Our eCommerce SEO Experts Share Over 15 Years Hands-On Experience When Partnering With Us

If you are struggling with annoying eCommerce SEO technical problems after tackling them in-house, or have had an unsavoury experience with an eCommerce SEO agency that has not delivered on their promises? The Digital Search Group eCommerce SEO service has you covered. We have battled through the minefields of eCommerce SEO for 15 years, working with both large brands and small businesses. Working with every conceivable eCommerce platform while dealing with any eCommerce SEO issue you could imagine, and we have the battle scars and medals of honour to prove it. During the last decade and a half of looking under the bonnets of hundreds of eCommerce websites with our highly obsessive and forensic focused eCommerce SEO approach. We have sharpened our eCommerce SEO skills and built up an invaluable knowledge base underlined with a mass appreciation of the pitfalls to avoid and what works.

eCommerce SEO Experts
eCommerce SEO Audit Process

Whatever Issues You Face Our eCommerce SEO Audit Process will Give Your Website A Kickstart!

Regardless of whether your eCommerce website has 100,000 products, all have duplicate product descriptions and zero unique content. Or you have a custom CMS that’s riddled with more eCommerce technical issues than you can think of, and your eCommerce store is starting to resemble the Titanic heading towards an iceberg. Our eCommerce SEO agency has the required knowledge and expertise to rectify all problems affecting performance and implement an eCommerce SEO strategy for your website, which will fire on all cylinders.

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Do you want to learn more about the strategy we would formulate to deliver powerful SEO for online store search engine ranking dominance? Our proven eCommerce marketing agency will provide you a non-committal eCommerce website review (not some automated junk!) and meaningful advice!

Our eCommerce SEO Service Covers All SEO eCommerce Marketing Strategy Needs

Suppose you are an established eCommerce brand in Australia looking for a fresh approach or an up-and-coming startup eCommerce firm with bold ideas and ambitions to dominate the Australian market. In that case, we feel we have something unique to offer. We will bring some serious value to the table. From all-encompassing technical SEO audits to crafting engaging content which performs in the SERPs to our data-driven link building approach, our eCommerce SEO strategy is comprehensive and practical. We’ve been doing this for over 15 years, so we understand the complexities of eCommerce and have made sure our eCommerce SEO service has all of the required meat and potatoes needed to make your business a success in the world of online sales. Interested? We would love to have a chat with you. Whether you decide to work with us or not, we guarantee to provide you with valuable insights and perspectives.

SEO eCommerce Marketing Strategy
eCommerce Keyword Research

Specialised Keyword Research for eCommerce SEO

Conducting a high level of concise and insightful keyword research is integral for the success of your eCommerce SEO strategy. It can be one of the most valuable pieces of research you ever invest in. Uncovering the plethora of keywords and their corresponding monthly search volumes associated with your eCommerce websites products represents the marketplace knowledge and insights for your industry. It is the cornerstone of our eCommerce SEO Service. Our eCommerce keyword research service is the first step to success in implementing an effective eCommerce SEO strategy. Online behaviour can be challenging to predict, but our keyword research can help you discover popular SEO search terms that should be included in your overall eCommerce SEO strategy. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Professional eCommerce SEO Audit Compiled By eCommerce SEO Experts With 15+ Year Experience

If you’ve been struggling to produce a comprehensive website audit or simply need a prioritized eCommerce SEO action plan, we offer the business’s best technical SEO audit services. We analyse your site structure and content, then provide clear instructions and an actionable plan that you can start incorporating into your overall eCommerce SEO strategy right away.

Dozens of Australian eCommerce businesses trust our eCommerce SEO services, and with 15 years of experience, we’ve got the knowledge to get you to the first page of Google. Trusting our well-rounded technical expertise is a great way to start.

eCommerce SEO Audit
eCommerce Content Strategy

Our e Commerce Content Strategy Lights Up SEO For eCommerce Stores!

When it comes to boosting organic traffic, there’s no marketing like effective content marketing. Our eCommerce SEO services include a comprehensive eCommerce SEO content strategy that will be the driving force of a well planned and executed digital marketing strategy for eCommerce website promotion success. Search engines like Google can easily see SEO eCommerce website ‘standouts’ that have put in the hard work, with those who have worked the hardest (and smartest!) guaranteed to lead the pack. As a big part of any eCommerce digital marketing strategy we undertake, our team will implement significant on-page factors like meta tags, optimise URL structure, improve header tags, and more. These efforts improve Conversion Rates off the bat and immediately improve your search engine rankings. However, a successful SEO strategy is complex, and eCommerce marketing agencies like ours leave nothing to chance when ranking your eCommerce website high in the search engines.

eCommerce Link Building Strategy From One Of The Best eCommerce SEO Agencies

In the world of SEO, eCommerce is highly competitive, and high-spending heavy hitters can make it difficult for new eCommerce brands to take their share of the action. Our eCommerce SEO services are designed to level the playing field by delivering comprehensive eCommerce link building services that really work and are the ideal complement to a well-orchestrated eCommerce content strategy.

With 15 years of hands-on offsite marketing to bring to your table, our focused eCommerce link building strategy is designed to influence the influencers, building links to your eCommerce store from all the best corners of the web. This results in higher traffic, more orders, and increased revenue.

eCommerce Link Building Services

Revenue Growing eCommerce SEO Services By #1 eCommerce SEO Company

When it comes to measuring the success of an SEO strategy, accurate and timely reporting is critical. Our eCommerce SEO services rely on sophisticated and precise analytics that will give you peace of mind and hold us accountable for the services you purchase from us. In this space, transparency is the difference between a fly-by-night eCommerce marketing company and an established eCommerce SEO firm like Digital Search Group Australia.

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Claim your Free eCommerce Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Whether you are launching a new eCommerce brand focusing on Sunshine Coast, or an established national online retailer requiring eCommerce search engine optimization services Australia-wide, or even establishing a multi-regional/multilingual eCommerce brand, we will take your marketing budget to the next level!

 eCommerce Search Engine Optimization

Custom Ecommerce SEO Services Australia By The Top Ecommerce SEO Agency

We’re an Australian eCommerce SEO company, so we understand the digital marketing needs of Australian eCommerce companies better than anyone else. Our eCommerce SEO services will get your company’s website noticed where it counts: by online users based right here in Australia.

SEO Services Melbourne

eCommerce Agency Melbourne

There’s no denying it: eCommerce is a crowded playing field. However, Digital Search Group Australia offers the eCommerce SEO services Melbourne businesses need to put themselves ahead of the pack. The success of our sophisticated eCommerce SEO is backed up by our team’s 15 years of experience and detailed auditing and reporting. Our eCommerce SEO services work: that’s why many Melbourne eCommerce companies trust us.

SEO Services Sydney

eCommerce Agency Sydney

Digital Search Group Australia offers the eCommerce SEO services Sydney businesses need to succeed in the competitive world of eCommerce. If there’s one thing we’ve proved over our 15 years in business, it’s that we care deeply about the success of our eCommerce SEO clients, and we prove it every day.

Our eCommerce SEO strategy is multi-faceted and effective. We incorporate content strategy, link-building, and sophisticated metrics that go far beyond the offerings of most SEO agencies. That’s why our Sydney-based clients trust our eCommerce SEO services to deliver the actual results that will have you increasing your site traffic, search results, and revenue.

SEO Services Perth

eCommerce Agency Perth

The world of eCommerce SEO is full of snake oil salesmen who will promise you the moon without delivering a rock. We know: we’ve been around for over 15 years and have seen it all. That’s why Perth-based businesses trust Digital Search Group Australia for their eCommerce SEO needs.

Our eCommerce SEO strategy team will give your website the highest possible return on your investment by providing an effective content strategy, ongoing content creation, and a link-building plan that no fly-by-night online marketing company could provide.

Adelaide SEO Company

eCommerce Agency Adelaide

An eCommerce SEO agency should do more than make promises: it should guarantee results. Digital Search Group Australia has been delivering these proven results for Adelaide-based eCommerce businesses for over 15 years. Our techniques are proven to provide average organic search revenue growth of 85%, and our team is yours on a mission to deliver the best results.

Our online store search engine optimization services are comprehensive and practical, backed by our best-in-class SEO audit process and planning. From content development and link-building to keyword research, we’ve got the know-how you need to start flying up the search rankings and generating more revenue for your online business. So if you are looking for an eCommerce SEO agency in Adelaide, the complete package look no further.

SEO Brisbane

eCommerce Agency Brisbane

The SEO specialists at Digital Search Group Australia know what it takes to help Brisbane eCommerce sites succeed. eCommerce brands trust our team to deliver quality traffic to their websites and help them rank better in organic search results. That can lead directly to more conversions and higher revenue for your online store!

Our team of experts in SEO for online stores use on-page and off-page optimisation strategies to help your website rank better in search engine results and improve your overall conversion rate. So if you’re a Brisbane eCommerce company, trust your website to our 15 years of lead generation and search engine optimization expertise.

The Best eCommerce SEO Team in Australia

Find Out Why eCommerce Websites Are Safe With Us Today

Search engine optimization for online stores is a battlefield, and we are your army! Don’t second guess the most important lead generation vehicle.

eCommerce Websites

eCommerce SEO Services FAQs

The world of eCommerce SEO is crowded with fly-by-night companies that are long on promises but short on results. Therefore, you must trust an eCommerce SEO company with an established track record, solid reporting and auditing services, and the ability to provide a transparent, accountable, and actionable SEO plan for your business.

When it comes to achieving your eCommerce goals, there is an endless list of eCommerce SEO best practices to follow; below are a couple of poignant tips which can help benefit your eCommerce strategy. 1. Create Unique Product Descriptions & Eradicate External Duplicate Content Make sure you launch your eCommerce website with unique product descriptions. If your product pages use plagiarised duplicate content copied directly from your supplies website, the product pages will not rank well in Google. In addition, this form of indexed external duplicate content will have a detrimental effect on the website’s overall eCommerce SEO performance. Admittedly, writing unique product descriptions is a time-consuming process, but it will pay huge dividends in the long run. 2. Take Care of Indexed Paginated Category Pages Most eCommerce websites with many products appearing in a category break the products up to occur over several pages, so there are a set number of products that appear on each page within that category. Category page pagination is a prevalent approach with most eCommerce stores selling many products; however, this approach can be disastrous to your eCommerce SEO strategy if not handled correctly. The problem revolves around internal duplicate content and the paginated pages falling under your product category becoming indexed, such as page 2 to page 7. This would mean there would be six duplicated versions of your main category page indexed in Google, all competing with each other and sharing the same content. This then confuses within the ranking algorithm, and we usually see main category pages rankings plummet. To fix this pagination issue or to stop it from happening in the first place. First, you need to make sure Google cannot index the paginated pages (page 2 to 7). Some eCommerce SEO agencies would recommend using the “rel=next” and “rel=prev” tags approach; however, a much more surefire method would be to implement the <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex” /> tags on all the paginated pages within your eCommerce website. This will make doubly sure that the paginated pages will be entirely blocked from becoming indexed again. If Google already indexes the paginated pages, you can remove them from Google’s index by using the URL removal tool found in your website’s Google Search Console account once you have added the “noindex” tags, of course. If you have any question relating to the above eCommerce SEO tips and are potentially interested in engaging with an eCommerce SEO company with decades of experience, please get in touch with Digital Search Australia Today.

eCommerce SEO services are a cost-effective form of marketing that is increasingly becoming the most popular choice for Australian companies looking to make their products visible on search engines. eCommerce SEO allows you to reach your target audience by focusing on keywords they use and optimizing your website for those keywords. It also helps build a strong foundation for performance-driven digital marketing, which can save you money in other areas so that you can reinvest it in growing your business!

Google Ads can often be effective for eCommerce companies, but ranking well in organic search is a better long-term goal. Utilizing eCommerce SEO is not an overnight fix, but SEO’s ability to generate organic interest for your eCommerce site can be much more profitable in the long run. With a quality eCommerce SEO strategy, you won’t need to rely on Google Ads to generate sales for your business.

So you’ve heard about how JavaScript is terrible for your eCommerce SEO but don’t know what it entails? Well, first off, let’s talk about what JavaScript does. When a search engine downloads the web document and starts analyzing it, the first thing is understanding the document type. Unfortunately, JavaScript complicates this process by changing the way HTML code looks to a browser. So when Googlebot crawls through your site looking for keywords and content of interest to visitors to rank you higher in SERPS (search engine result pages), it may not be able to read everything on your page because of JavaScript interfering with their ability to decipher what each element means.

So if your eCommerce website has more scripts than the lifework of William Shakespeare, there is a good chance Google might be having issues rendering your pages while also creating speed issues. Both of which will have a decremental effect on your eCommerce SEO performance.

eCommerce SEO is a worthwhile and realistic investment for a company of any size, and the cost is based on the scope of services you want. Our eCommerce SEO experts will work with your company to determine the range of services you require and discuss costs.

eCommerce SEO should not be regarded as a “quick fix,” and any eCommerce SEO agency that guarantees instant results is lying to you! Typically eCommerce websites can start seeing results within 4 to 6 months. However, the longer a company effectively utilizes eCommerce SEO, the better its effects will be in search engines.

SEO is a complex field, and those complexities are considerably accelerated when it comes to eCommerce SEO due to the sheer size and intricate inner workings which make up an eCommerce store. This is why choosing an eCommerce SEO firm that specialises in eCommerce SEO with a proven track record is so important. The technical aspects of eCommerce SEO and following best practices are far more important than what applies to a regular WordPress brochure website. A brochure website doesn’t need to deal with specific eCommerce technical issues such as indexed pagination or keyword cannibalisation appearing across dozens of indexed category pages and thousands of product pages. If you are looking for a serious eCommerce SEO agency with decades of combined experience, please give us a call at Digital Search Group Australia today.

Below we have listed some of the poignant tools used by our eCommerce SEO agency, which are all free tools and can help to benefit your eCommerce online store and your SEO endeavours.  

Google Analytics: The Ultimate eCommerce Website Analysis Tool

Google Analytics is the most powerful marketing tool available to business owners and heavily used in our eCommerce SEO services. Google Analytics records, analyses and visualises website statistics to help your business grow. With eCommerce tracking enabled on your account, you can measure lead conversions or monitor your website in real-time with reports. Regardless of what industry you are in, we recommend using Google Analytics as one of the best SEO tools for measuring and improving performance on your eCommerce website.

Google Search Console: Alerts & Insights into Your eCommerce SEO Performance 

Again, another tool we use heavily is the Digital Search Group Australia eCommerce SEO service. Google Search Console is a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your eCommerce site’s presence in Google search results. It is an essential tool for any eCommerce website owner who wants to rank better on search engines. The advantages of using this service are numerous: it can help you ensure that Google can find and crawl your eCommerce website; fix indexing problems and request re-indexing of new or updated content; view traffic data for your site (how often your site appears in google search, which queries show up on the first page etc.); receive alerts when Google encounters SEO issues relating to indexing, spamming etc.

Google PageSpeed Insights: Increase the Speed & User Experience of Your eCommerce Store 

As mobile device usage continues to grow worldwide, how your eCommerce website performs when viewed on mobile devices is now becoming a critical eCommerce SEO ranking factor with Google. Google PageSpeed Insights (PSI) is a free tool that helps digital marketers and eCommerce managers understand how their site performs on mobile and desktop devices. In addition, it provides lab data helpful in debugging performance issues, as it is collected in a controlled environment. Field data has the most value for digital marketers who want to optimize their site’s user experience. PSI reports provide suggestions on how to improve your page’s speed and user experience. The recommendations range from removing redirects and rendering blocking JavaScript to the use of asynchronous scripts or deferring them until after DOMContentLoaded. If that all sounds a bit too technical for you, please contact our eCommerce SEO company and speak directly to one of our experts.

Google is not an SEO agency; they are a search engine. However, they do make a large amount of money from Google ads. They do not share the proprietary secrets of their “algorithm,” which is the formula they use to determine which companies rank higher in search engines and rank lower. eCommerce SEO companies have to rely on their experience, tools and focused SEO expertise to get results.

As an eCommerce website owner, you know that your site is a massive part of your business. To be successful in eCommerce, it’s essential to implement SEO strategies for both organic and paid search success. Below are the leading eight steps you can take today to start optimizing your site with a successful  eCommerce SEO strategy:

1) Keyword Research –  First, we need to figure out our target keywords. This is where keyword research comes in handy! This step will help us find vital keywords customers are using when searching online, so we can focus on those terms throughout the rest of our eCommerce SEO optimization process, including meta optimisation and content creation.

2) Site Architecture – Next up, let’s talk about designing the architecture of our page. This is a necessary planning process and involves developing a keyword hierarchy alongside developing the main product category pages, which will house your eCommerce stores products.

3) On-Page SEO –  The next step in our eCommerce SEO strategy is to focus on your website’s actual content, which is vital for infusing keyword relevancy into your eCommerce stores pages. First, let’s talk about meta optimisation – this includes carefully selecting keywords and keyword phrases for use throughout all metadata tags, including titles, subtitles, summaries and descriptions for the main pages you want to rank. It also involves implementing schema markup, which helps search engines better understand the information being presented.

4) Technical eCommerce SEO – To put it simply, implementing technical eCommerce SEO is all about making sure search engines can crawl your website efficiently, be careful to reduce the number of redirects and configure any web server issues. Keyword-rich URLs will help with indexing, so try to include specific keywords in page titles and meta tags where possible. For more information about this broad subject matter, feel free to touch base with a member of our team.

5) Local eCommerce SEO –  Local SEO is all about driving local organic traffic to your site. This includes using geo-targeting on Google Adwords campaigns, analyzing the keyword competition for specific geographic areas and optimizing page content with those keywords in mind. It also involves implementing Schema markup, which helps search engines better understand the information being presented. This strategy is only effective if you have a physical brick and mortar location you can verify with Google.

6) eCommerce SEO Content marketing –  Content marketing is a robust methodology that can be used in conjunction with eCommerce SEO to effectively improve your website’s authority, visibility, and rankability while increasing the quality of traffic your site receives from Google’s organic listings. Content Marketing has been around for decades, but its effectiveness and popularity have grown significantly due to social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

7) eCommerce SEO Link Building – Link building is an essential ingredient for any successful eCommerce SEO strategy. The main goal of link building within eCommerce SEO is to generate a natural, organic flow of high-quality links from authoritative websites promoting the main pages you want to rank within your eCommerce store. In addition, creating content that resonates with potential customers and experts to establish yourself as an authoritative voice in your field will help significantly towards achieving this objective.

8) Measuring eCommerce SEO Success –  Measuring the success of your eCommerce SEO efforts is a crucial part of any campaign. It ensures that you’re focused on what needs to be done, how well it’s going so far and helps you identify areas where improvements need to be made. The most reliable method for measuring the effectiveness of an eCommerce SEO strategy is through Google Analytics or other popular tools such as AHREFS and SEMrush.

Ranking better in organic search results begins and ends with SEO. If you have an eCommerce website, you undoubtedly know that there’s a lot of competition out there. This makes investing in SEO mandatory for eCommerce websites. Remember: SEO is not an overnight fix, and a successful SEO campaign will need to run for several months for the best result.

eCommerce SEO is helpful for most eCommerce businesses, and a reputable eCommerce SEO agency will have no problem customizing an effective eCommerce SEO strategy for your company, no matter what eCommerce platform you use.

Unfortunately, the world of eCommerce SEO is populated by dodgy characters who overpromise and underdeliver. Unlike them, we value transparency, fairness, and honesty in our eCommerce SEO auditing and reporting. We will tell you the straight truth about what works, what doesn’t, and how much it will all cost. In addition, we’ve been around for over 15 years: we could not have survived this long if we were cheating our customers! That’s why businesses trust Digital Search Group Australia for their eCommerce SEO needs.

Online product pages are of critical importance, and any SEO campaign specifically designed for an online store will focus heavily on them. Optimizing titles and meta descriptions are essential and write unique and captivating testimonials and product descriptions. Engaging content is the difference between underperforming eCommerce websites and exceptional ones.