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Becoming a leading SEO agency Melbourne businesses are happy to recommend isn’t something that has materialised overnight. Instead, our growing reputation for SEO in Melbourne has been forged over 15 years of in-depth, hands-on experience conducting a high level of successful search engine optimisation in Melbourne and beyond. Just to reassure you, our SEO company is vastly different to many other Melbourne SEO companies. The Melbourne SEO agencies who never achieve the desired results for their clients while contributing to the overall negativity tarnishing the Melbourne SEO industry. Instead, we position ourselves on the same pedestal as the best SEO agencies Melbourne offers. We are honest, highly knowledgeable, have a decade and a half of SEO experience, and are incredibly transparent in client communication which gains our client’s trust and gives credibility. To put it briefly, we are the best at what we do, and that’s delivering an outstanding SEO service Melbourne business owners can trust to achieve their desired search results alongside providing a substantial return on investment.

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SEO service incorporates the latest SEO techniques. We always utilise a white-hat approach to ensure our Melbourne clients’ SEO results and online presence are ahead of the SEO curve and always adhere to the latest Google guidelines. If you consider working with us, rest assured we have a large team of Melbourne SEO specialists who are experts in all the necessary aspects of search engine optimisation, from comprehensive SEO copywriting services to outstanding eCommerce SEO services. Our team of SEO experts have you covered. Over the last 15 years, our Melbourne SEO company has cultivated an experienced team whose only desire is to make sure all our Melbourne SEO clients achieve the best possible results for their websites. Our SEO services in Melbourne are conducted in-house, and we never outsource one piece of work, unlike many other SEO companies in Melbourne, where that isn’t always the case.  If you’re looking for effective SEO services in Melbourne? Regardless of whether you have an established website that’s fallen back in the Google rankings or have a brand new website you want to promote, we would love to hear from you. We fully appreciate that cutting through the noise and finding a Melbourne SEO service most suited to your businesses can be an arduous task. However, we feel our Melbourne SEO agency will have valuable insights relating to your website SEO strategy, which you will not find anywhere else. If you are interested in exploring our SEO service in Melbourne and would like some no-obligation feedback relating to your website’s SEO potential, feel free to contact an experienced Digital Search Group SEO consultant in Melbourne today.

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We fully appreciate finding a reputable SEO agency in Melbourne that can deliver serious SEO results can be a minefield filled with disappointment, especially when every man and his dog proclaims to be a fully-fledged Melbourne SEO expert. Sadly that’s not usually the case. That’s why we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity, which is demonstrated in the transparent manner we conduct our SEO service in Melbourne. Our Service is backed up by the outstanding results we achieve and the cutting edge SEO techniques we implement. Please don’t just take our word for it; our SEO agencies Melbourne client base will be happy to speak to you directly if you want some impartial feedback about our SEO Melbourne services. We have nothing to hide and welcome you to conduct your own research and use your diligence when researching us along with any other SEO companies in Melbourne you are considering. Get in touch today with one of our Melbourne SEO consultants if you would like to speak to some of our clients and learn more about our Melbourne SEO service.

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Please fill in our contact form and leave your details. One of our highly experienced Melbourne SEO consultants will then schedule a call at a convenient time. So we can discuss your exact requirements and grab some important information. Our SEO company in Melbourne will then prepare a bespoke SEO strategy for your business, outlining the work needed to meet your goals and objectives.

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As mentioned above, here at Digital Search Australia, we are an SEO Melbourne agency highly passionate about what we do. We also make sure our SEO Melbourne services are as transparent as humanly possible for several different reasons. Firstly, we always like to educate our clients. Hence, they have a better understanding and overview of the SEO work we are undertaking as we feel it massively strengthens our ongoing business relationships. Secondly, unlike many other Melbourne SEO companies, we don’t employ smoke and mirror tactics intended to deceive or confuse clients. After all, what’s the point if we offer a trustworthy and effective Melbourne SEO service in the first place. In our opinion, it’s always beneficial to demystify search engine optimization as much as possible. Below we have put together a step by step guide giving a basic overview of 4 vital elements which help make up our SEO service in Melbourne.

Search Engine Optimisation Strategy For Search Rankings Success

Step 01:Auditing of Your website by Melbourne SEO Experts

Website SEO Audit and Implementation

Providing a comprehensive SEO audit service at the beginning of the SEO campaign is an integral part of our SEO service in Melbourne. Unfortunately, suppose your website has not been developed with search engine optimisation in mind. In that case, there are more than likely lots of potential overhanging SEO issues preventing the website from performing well in the search rankings. The SEO audit process conducted by our Melbourne SEO company follows a comprehensive checklist covering three main areas, including Site Technology, Page Relevancy and Google Search Console Issues. Our SEO agency in Melbourne will highlight all the critical and poignant SEO issues relating to relevancy, indexability and technical issues and provide detailed technical SEO recommendations for fixing all of these traffic damaging issues. If you are interested in a standalone SEO audit for your website, get in touch with us, one of our knowledgeable Melbourne SEO experts, today.

Step 02:SEO Melbourne: Keyword Research & SEO Copywriting

SEO Keyword & Competitor Research

Our SEO Melbourne agency will make sure you have the best possible insights into your customers’ search behaviour and the user intent of potential customers looking for your goods and services, both of which are paramount to success. We have invested heavily in our keyword research service over the years, which is one of the main reasons our SEO agencies Melbourne clients have achieved unparalleled SEO results. As mentioned above, identifying the most highly searched and highly converting keywords is essential to the success of your Melbourne SEO strategy. Our SEO specialists in Melbourne use various SEO tools when conducting keyword research during the client SEO campaign setup process. So that you achieve the best possible results from your Melbourne SEO service, we need to ensure we have identified and selected the best keywords relating to your target market, delivering site traffic that outperforms your competitors while meeting your required business goals and KPI’s. Once we have the list of prioritised keyword data in hand, we can then proceed with the SEO content creation process, which will enable us to make the main pages of your website highly relevant for the keywords, increasing the rankability of your website tenfold. Our carefully crafted website copy will also dramatically improve the convertibility of your website landing pages by providing highly engaging sales copy that will convert website visitors into customers. If you are looking for a keyword research solution for your online business or interested in utilising our SEO copywriters reach out to our SEO company in Melbourne today.

Step 03:On-Page SEO Implementation, Upload Content & Link Building Commences

Fix Issues Found by our SEO Specialists

A vital component of any successful SEO Melbourne campaign pivots on successfully implementing the SEO technical recommendations provided by the above-mentioned SEO audit. Unfortunately, this aspect is often overlooked by many SEO companies Melbourne clients will contest. Our SEO agency in Melbourne has an exceptional team of seasoned technical SEO specialists who diligently run through the list of technical recommendations highlighted in the clients SEO audits. They will work on all the high priority issues that will positively impact your website’s SEO performance once fixed. You can have total peace of mind that our SEO company in Melbourne will make sure that your business website is issue free and firing on all cylinders. During the same timeframe, an SEO consultant in Melbourne will upload the recently created SEO optimised content to the pages of your website, which will have a dramatic effect on your website’s rankings in Google once it becomes indexed and cached by Google. At the same time, our link building team will commence an industry-specific link building strategy promoting the above mentioned content-rich optimised pages that will push up your keyword rankings into the stratosphere. Google’s ranking algorithm relies heavily on the relationship between links from one website to another. Google uses a hierarchical order to determine the value of links and how authoritative each website is or how well it should rank. As inbound links are the main currency Google uses to determine rankings; our link building service is an integral part of our SEO service. Melbourne clients can fully trust that our link building tactics will generate outstanding SEO results and will not lead to any potential Google penalties. To find out more, please reach out to the Digital Search Group SEO consultants in Melbourne!

Step 04:SEO Services Melbourne with Detailed SEO Reporting

SEO Services Sydney - SEO Reporting

Our SEO service in Melbourne is underpinned by the accuracy of our SEO reports and analytical data.. SEO reporting is the linchpin that keeps our SEO agency Melbourne client base informed of any significant changes with their SEO campaigns and makes us fully accountable—at the same time, allowing us to demonstrate the increase in organic search ranking visibility we have achieved for our clients in a data-driven tangible manner. Our Melbourne SEO services have you covered when it comes to SEO reporting, be it either link building reports, ranking reports, or analytical traffic reporting. Our team goes the extra mile to help our clients understand how effective our Melbourne search engine optimisation service and the effect the traffic we are driving through organic traffic is having on your business bottom line. If you are looking for the best SEO company in Melbourne that provides top-notch transparent SEO reporting you won’t find anywhere else, please contact us using the below contact form.

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There is currently a massive shift in consumer behaviour taking place in Australia as both retail consumers and businesses are becoming much more reliant on making their purchases for goods and services via online vendors; for this reason, it’s a poignant time to join forces with the best SEO company Melbourne has to offer. There has never been a more critical time to fully embrace Melbourne SEO services and make them part of your long-term marketing strategy making sure you are ahead of the pack and well-positioned. Being a leading SEO company in Melbourne with a serious SEO pedigree and work ethic, we have worked on hundreds of successful SEO strategies over the years, spanning a wide range of different business industries throughout Melbourne and beyond. We would love the opportunity to show you why we are different to the other SEO agencies in Melbourne you have spoken to and why you should consider giving us a trial. Please send us your contact details, and one of our highly trained Melbourne SEO experts will provide you with a no-obligation free of charge website consultation. The SEO consultation will give you a clear understanding of the SEO opportunities available within your industry, and what work is required to unlock business growth opportunities, and how to capitalise on them. We guarantee our SEO consultants Melbourne business industry SEO insights will impress you no end.

Are you searching for an SEO service in Melbourne that can deliver solid SEO results for your business? Or perhaps, you are looking for a team of Melbourne SEO experts with decades of combined experience who fully understand the intricacies of implementing a successful Melbourne search engine optimisation strategy in 2021? Or maybe you are looking for an SEO company Melbourne business owners would trust to go the extra mile and become an invaluable extension of their business? If you have answered YES to any of the above, you have come to the right place. Contact a Digital Search Group Australia SEO consultant in Melbourne today!

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Our Melbourne SEO agency is managed by Joe Ryan (Founder) and Laurence Porter (Director), who have been working together since 2006. We are incredibly passionate and take a hands-on approach with all our clients’ SEO campaigns. We make sure every SEO Melbourne strategy we implement for our client’s websites is well thought out and follows an action plan which will succeed. We will demonstrate exceptional SEO results moving your website ahead of your competitors to increase organic website traffic while giving your business a great return on investment from your online marketing spend. Our SEO Melbourne agency employs a large team of SEO specialists who are fully prepared to go the extra mile to make sure we are your go-to SEO agency for years to come.

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Unlike many so-called SEO companies in Melbourne frequenting the Melbourne business sphere. We don’t want to perform some kind of smash and grab job-based around achieving meaningless SEO results, which improve your online presence and website traffic without a positive outcome to achieving revenue and business goals. This is why our results-driven SEO service in Melbourne is laced with well throughout SEO strategies that are interchangeable to suit your business needs and requirements. If you are a marketing manager for a small business looking for affordable SEO in Melbourne and have a price-sensitive online marketing budget, our Melbourne SEO company has the solution. Contact us today for one of our Melbourne SEO experts to prepare a meaningful SEO strategy that will meet your expectations and budget.

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For any Melbourne SEO company putting together an effective range of SEO services that tick all of the boxes in meeting all of the requirements of Google’s ever-changing algorithm updates is no easy feat. Luckily we have got you covered here. At Digital Search Australia, we make sure our SEO knowledge base is always entirely up to date. This is represented in our Melbourne SEO service offerings alongside our SEO strategy approach to all our clients SEO campaigns. We only implement white hat ethical search engine optimisation services that will benefit our Melbourne clients’ online presence long-term and complement any other online marketing channels being used. The core Melbourne SEO services we offer are found below:

As soon as you start working with our SEO company in Melbourne, you will be assigned a dedicated SEO campaign manager who will guide you through our well throughout the onboarding process. Our team of Melbourne SEO specialists spread across different departments will then start seamlessly working on the various SEO elements that make up your website’s SEO strategy. Specific departments who contribute to our Melbourne SEO service will operate on areas such as technical SEO audits, setting up ongoing link building strategies and working on keyword research to identify the best keywords to target for your SEO campaign. At the same time, other departments will plan an optimised content creation strategy for your website main landing pages and planning any local SEO requirements. Our team of experienced Melbourne SEO consultants will deliver all the ingredients needed for your Melbourne SEO strategy to succeed.

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Please get in contact today for a no-obligation chat with one of our SEO specialists, who will provide you with expert advice and the reassurance you need to request a proposal for your Melbourne SEO requirements.

SEO Services Melbourne FAQs

No SEO is very much alive and kicking; just ask some of our SEO Melbourne clients. The directors here at Digital Search Australia have been involved with SEO since 2006 and have witnessed some significant shifts over the years. Gone are the days of irrelevant backlink building, keyword stuffing of content, back doorway pages, hidden text and any other blackhat SEO practices which enabled people to game Google. SEO has now become a lot more sophisticated. If you are a serious Melbourne SEO agency, you need to adhere to a set of ethical rules outlined by Google over the years and enforced by a series of significant periodic algorithmic updates. Many of which are named after black and white animals, funnily enough, like the Penguin Update, which targeted spammy link building practices and the Panda Update, which targeted plagiarised and low-value thin content. Google currently processes over 2 trillion online per day, and over half of those searches generated from organic traffic. So, in our opinion, search engine optimisation (SEO) is not dead at all and continues to grow and evolve as businesses battle it out to gain a share of the ever-increasing organic traffic search volumes available through SEO marketing. Whether you are a business in Melbourne, Australia or New York, SEO still offers the best bang for your online marketing efforts to reach your target audience. In a nutshell, SEO isn’t dead at all but has become a lot more complicated and demanding, which is why you must work with an SEO company Melbourne businesses already work with and would be happy to recommend.

Simply put, content is a vital component of any successful SEO campaign. Without content, there are no keywords. Without keywords, no keyword relevancy matches the Google search users query and intent. Here at Digital Search Australia, our Melbourne SEO company heavily promotes optimised content creation as an essential part of our Melbourne clients SEO campaigns. It’s very easy to work with an SEO marketing company in Melbourne that will neglect this vital aspect, don’t let that be you! – get in contact today.

Regardless of whether you’re a small or large company in Melbourne and looking for an effective online marketing solution, you always need to do your homework. Finding decent SEO services in Melbourne is well worth your consideration. SEO isn’t a magical answer to all your business problems; neither is it some kind of digital black magic alchemy conducted by college students in dark basements.

SEO is more like a technical science that is continually evolving that does require human input to interpret data and patterns generated from tools such as Google analytics. It also involves analysing keyword data and coordinating with SEO copywriters to create keyword relevant, optimised pages that will rank in Google for search terms related to your services and products used by your target audience. It also involves technical analysis of websites to identify any onsite SEO issues preventing websites from performing in the SERPs. Finally, one of the most crucial ingredients of our SEO service in Melbourne revolves around backlink acquisition, which involves procuring links from high authority websites to gain the required link juice or SEO ranking authority generated from these inbound links. Link building is a highly laborious process, and a large percentage of your ongoing SEO budget will be used on this crucial constant endeavour. It should be seen as an endless popularity contest with your competitors and competing to see who has the most authoritative and heavily weighted backlink profile. This is especially the case when you are chasing highly competitive, highly searched and lucrative keywords.

In our opinion, our SEO services in Melbourne offer your business the best bang for your online marketing budget buck as opposed to paid channels such as Pay Per Click. Indeed, Pay Per Click advertising with Google or any other search engine can deliver instant results and generate quick sales for your business. But the cost ramifications of having to pay every time someone clicks on your ad can quickly spiral out of control and make your question the cost-effectiveness of your online marketing efforts. The main difference with implementing an SEO Melbourne strategy is there is a certain amount of upfront cost associated with the work needed before your company will start to see a return on your investment. Considering numerous factors such as the age of your website and its authority or its Google rating and how much traffic to your website is currently being generated by Google organically, and competitiveness of the marketplace. These items play a big part in determining the length of time it takes to achieve sustainable levels of SEO traffic generated from an ongoing search engine optimisation strategy. So, after researching lots of SEO campaign data while conducting SEO services in Melbourne, we conclude the timeframe can realistically be anywhere from one month up to six months.

Once a certain threshold of SEO visibility is achieved from ongoing SEO efforts and the momentum in SEO rankings continue to increase. Our Melbourne SEO marketing agency can far outperform any other form of online marketing, such as pay per click or social media marketing.

It can take longer to see SEO results for a brand new website than a more established website. Being a leading SEO Melbourne agency, we highly recommend to new website owners that any SEO efforts should get underway as quickly as possible, as it’s a race, not a walk.

When speaking to a Melbourne SEO agency, it’s always good to ask if they have any client case studies for any clients in a similar industry to yours. If they do, ask for any relevant case study files and other associated search engine optimisation reporting. Also, ask the SEO Melbourne company if they have any before and after ranking reports which will give you a good indication of the results achieved and the SEO capabilities of the Melbourne SEO agency you are speaking to.

What makes us different here at Digital Search Group Australia and why we consider ourselves to be one of the top SEO agencies in Melbourne is that everyone who works for us is an SEO specialist. We don’t get involved in other areas of online marketing such as pay per click advertising, social media, Facebook Ads, and we also try to avoid web design wherever possible. Offering the best possible Melbourne SEO service for our clients is our passion, and we live, sleep and breathe search engine optimisation.

SEO is an unregulated industry, and unfortunately, that does open the door to many charlatans claiming to be SEO marketing experts. Put simply, when looking for a Melbourne SEO agency to work with, it’s essential to do your homework beforehand. Ask to see client references, case studies, and before and after examples of work through ranking reports or organic traffic data reporting. Hopefully, then you will find an SEO company in Melbourne who performs who eventually you would highly recommend to others.

The great thing about aged websites is that they have great authority in the eyes of Google due to the age factor. However, if your company’s website has been on the same website platform for the last ten years, the outdated technology could potentially be damaging to any potential SEO performance.

Unfortunately, Google sometimes struggles with JavaScript within the code of website pages, causing numerous rendering issues that can be hazardous to your website SEO performance while also contributing to website speed issues. If you want to check how your website pages currently render, several tools are mentioned in this article. Or you could, of course, contact a Digital Search Group Melbourne SEO consultant to carry out an analysis free of charge.

There are numerous ways to get your website penalised by Google. Google penalties can be associated with spammy link building practices, duplicated, thin and low-quality content and SEO onsite technical issues. That’s why you must make sure you are working with a highly experienced SEO company in Melbourne that has the SEO credentials and proven track record to give you peace of mind. Here at Digital Search Australia, we have been working within the SEO service Melbourne ecosystem for 15 years. So we are fully aware of what negative SEO approaches cause both manual and algorithmic Google penalties while ensuring these negative “penalty generating” SEO approaches are avoided at all costs for our Melbourne SEO client base.

Going to Google and typing in “SEO company Melbourne” and working with the first SEO agency you find on the first page will not guarantee success. Finding a Melbourne SEO agency you would highly recommend it can take a bit more effort. Still, it’s worth putting in the effort and asking different Melbourne SEO agencies for examples of work. Including SEO results achieved in various industries and client case study examples or, even better, ask if you can directly contact clients and speak to them directly. Our SEO Melbourne company is always ready to put you in direct contact with our clients should you wish to talk, and we are always transparent about the tactics used in our SEO efforts.

When looking for SEO services in Melbourne, it’s essential to find out about costs. As a general guideline, if dealing with reputable SEO companies in Melbourne, expect to pay between AUD 1,000 to AUD 1,500 per month for a local SEO campaign and between AUD 1,500 to AUD 5,000 per month for a national Australia-wide SEO campaign. These ballpark figures are dependent on the competitiveness of the keywords you want to target, along with the number of pages you want to promote. If you want to have an exact idea of SEO prices in Melbourne specific to your business website and want to find the best SEO Agency in Melbourne at the same time? Please get in touch with us today.

Here at Digital Search Australia, we have invested heavily over the years to produce highly informative, well-rounded, slick SEO proposal presentations that illustrate our proposed SEO approach in an easy-to-understand format. At the same time, we also like to try to demystify often confusing SEO theories, SEO approaches and terminology, which can sometimes be confusing for Melbourne business owners. The SEO proposal will include numerous pages about our approach to SEO, details of clients and brands we have worked with so you can gauge our SEO pedigree and track record. The document will also include ranking and search volume data for our proposed set of target keywords. A mini SEO audit of your website highlighting some poignant onsite issues with complementary recommendations for fixing these issues alongside. We like to provide this mini audit as it provides a glimpse into our SEO knowledge base and gives you a snippet of what to expect moving forward. Lastly, we will also provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of the strategy and the Melbourne SEO services we will be working on each month.

FAQ’s if implemented correctly using schema markup, are lovely for SEO. Not only do they allow you to answer important, frequently asked questions specific to your target audience who visit and generate traffic to your website. But if you set up the FAQ schema markup correctly, your FAQs questions and answers will have the ability to appear in the Google search results below your organic website listing. Contact our SEO specialists in Melbourne to find out more.

Planning a well-rounded content strategy at the beginning of an SEO Melbourne marketing campaign is well worth the time and effort and will pay massive dividends in the long run. It’s essential to devise an action plan incorporating keyword analysis and research using tools such as AHREFS and Google Analytics to analyse your website’s primary pages, procure data sets relating to current organic visibility and historical traffic. Find out what pages have been receiving traffic, and once you have collated this data, you can plan out an SEO content strategy focusing your SEO efforts in the best places. If you are interested in this service for your company, contact the best SEO agency in Melbourne today.

One of the most critical aspects of marketing SEO is having relevant, insightful traffic data to hand. This is where Google analytics comes into play and truly shines; not only is Google analytics great for analysing traffic data to interpret website data such as traffic sources, website conversions, bounce rates and conversion rates, but it’s also excellent at planning future SEO success. To find out more about how we can arrange a great SEO strategy for your website by just viewing your Google Analytics data, get in contact with our Melbourne SEO company today.

Many unscrupulous SEO companies in Melbourne like to lock their clients into 12 monthly contracts as soon as the business relationship starts.. Very often, the SEO agency in Melbourne does not perform and achieve the desired results with very poor ROI for the client. A bitter pill to swallow for any Melbourne business owner, and the bad experience will more than likely put them off investing in SEO altogether and spending their online marketing budget on Google pay per click. Here at Digital Search Group, to combat this situation prevalent in Melbourne, we offer a 3-month strategy. When working with any new client, we always present a 3-month strategy proposal that gives the client peace of mind and puts the onus on us to generate solid SEO results and show great value in those initial three months. Contact us today to find out more about our SEO services in Melbourne.

As I am sure, you are aware mobile phones and tablets are becoming more and more popular than ever before. Because such a large percentage of the world now uses mobile devices and this will continue to grow. Google has positioned its core algorithm, which determines how it ranks websites to cater to its largest target audience: people using mobile devices. One of the most critical factors for your website SEO to perform well in 2021 and beyond will revolve around having a website that is lightning fast and does not suffer from any rendering issues. Contact our Melbourne SEO agency to find out more.

Googlebot is the leading web crawler used by Google to crawl the pages of your website. The web crawler needs to crawl all of the code within your website’s pages without being hindered so Google can fully render your web pages. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as certain elements are used in web development technology that the Googlebot has problems reading, such as some forms of JavaScript. This can lead to slow websites and Google not fully indexing and caching pages correctly, which is detrimental to SEO performance.

Core Web Vitals is a reasonably recent website metric used by Google focused on improving user experience. Core Web Vitals monitor the performance of websites concerning mobile friendliness, website speed, responsiveness and visual stability. The Core Web Vitals metric is officially going to become a serious ranking factor in May 2021. It will have some serious ramifications for websites that don’t meet these new required benchmarks. If you want to check your website, Core Web Vitals score? Visit the Google PageSpeed Insights Tool. If you need some professional advice in this area? Please feel free to contact our Melbourne SEO agency.