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Do you want to get to the front of the queue, eliminate the guesswork that’s usually involved in taking your local SEO services to the next level? At our core, we are industry leaders and engage with our clients with the genuine ability to provide serious local SEO services that deliver results, nothing less.

Our local SEO services will enable your business to stand out from your competitors in local organic search results, while dominating the “3 pack” Google map listings so you’re always being found by your local target audience for all the important locally searched keywords ahead of your competition.

Proven Local SEO Services Processes

During our local search engine optimisation process, our SEO team will analyse the local search behaviour of your local audience utilising a far reaching local SEO keyword research process. With this data we will be fully armed to deliver a meaningful local SEO strategy encompassing both your website and Google Business Profile. To further reinforce the process, we produce a targeted local SEO content strategy to ensure the highest relevance for locally searched keywords most relevant to your business/target audience.

Local SEO Services Can Be Powerful

Google local search or also known as the Google Map listings is a powerful tool for small businesses and if your website and Google Business Profile (formerly ‘Google My Business’ or GMB) listing is not optimised for local search you may be missing out on lots of new business. Our local SEO services will enable your business to stand out from your competitors in local organic search results, while dominating the “3 pack” Google map listings so you’re always being found by your local target audience for all the important locally searched keywords ahead of your competition.

Why Are Local SEO Services For Small Businesses Important?

Having an effective local SEO strategy for your website will generate more traffic, sales and enquiries from local customers in your local geographical catchment area. Statistics show that up to 85% of people who are looking for a service or product provided by a local company, will use the Google map listings and 46% of all the searches on Google have local intent. This is why it’s imperative for your local business to have local search engine visibility, with an online presence catering to your local customers’ search habits and making sure your business is being found in the local search results for the most highly searched and relevant keywords.

Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services:

What Is Local Search Engine Optimisation And How Does It Work?

Digital Search Group’s (DSG) local SEO service is naturally entwined with our regular search engine optimisation services. The SEO tactics for achieving visibility in local search share a lot of similar characteristics and attributes of national search engine ranking SEO factors. The components which make up a successful local SEO strategy include:

  1. Local SEO Keyword Research
    • Using premium tools like KWfinder, SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner, and more along with pulling in data from the top ranking competitors explained in #2.
  2. Competitor Analysis
    • Competitors that rank in the top 1-3 positions in Google for a primary keyword give us a huge amount of insight to start the process of formulating an SEO strategy that removes the guesswork.
  3. Optimised Content Writing
    • Relevant content truly is king and without it, your SEO campaign will fail. We take great care and go to serious lengths to ensure that your content relevancy is as close to 100% as possible.
  4. Technical SEO Audit
    • Eliminating any conflicting technical SEO issues like broken links, page speed, duplicate content, and more.
  5. NAP Consistency
    • NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone Number, which is the main information which defines your location verified GBP page and in essence is the lifeblood of your local SEO strategy. We will ensure consistency of the same business NAP details across all your businesses assets.
  6. Auditing Of Current Local Citations
    • We review all your existing business citations, directory submissions, social profiles, and all other mentions with NAP included and focus efforts on updating the accuracy/consistency to ensure Google places maximum authority on your business in local maps and organic search.
  7. Google Business Profile Optimisation
    • It is critical that you are relevant in all aspects of a project for it to work, and Google Business Profile optimisation is fundamental for success.
  8. Link Building Strategy
    • Acquiring various types of backlinks to promote your content to ensure you are popular/authoritative in the eyes of search engines.

Our Local Search Marketing Ensures All Boxes Are Ticked

Our local SEO services in Sydney will ensure all the important local search boxes are ticked, so we deliver high quality marketing strategies giving your business the local online presence it deserves for all the important local search terms which resonate with search engine users. Get in touch today to find out more!

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Conquer the Local SEO Results Today
Regardless of if you are based in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth and you’re interested in local SEO, speak to one of our highly experienced SEO consultants today. We will be more than happy to put together a full Local SEO Strategy proposal for your business, which will be easy to understand while providing a full road map of the work needed for your business to conquer the local search results in Sydney and beyond.

Breaking Down Our 3 Pillars For Google Local Marketing Success
(Using The Patents Google Registered)

Digital Search Group's Local SEO Men at Work

We Use Google Local Search Patents To Guarantee Our Local SEO Services Success

By focusing on the Three Pillars of Local SEO strategy, our team of experts ensures all efforts are geared towards the highest priority tasks we know produce rankings, leads and sales in the shortest time frame. Google has based their local (and all other) ranking algorithm on factors that are published in approved patents and are available to the public. This allows our team to remove the guesswork we see competitors continually challenged with and our team focuses on getting our clients amazing results, every time!

Step/Patent 1
Prominence of Target Geographical Area Relevancy
Create A Geo-location Relevant, Keyword & Expert (E-A-T) Content Creation Marketing Campaigns

Local SEO Services Keyword & Competitor Market Research

  • We identify the top keywords to target by using tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Google Search Console, and more.
  • Using these tools we can identify top ranking competitors, take stock of the elements leading to their success, include them in our local SEO strategy and ensure our approach is the best in the niche.

On-Page Locally Relevant Content Targeting Local Searches

  • We create authoritative content that fills the requirements of Google’s E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness & Trustworthiness) requirements along with building a content marketing strategy encompassing highly relevant cluster topics that explode the authority of our primary landing pages.
  • We laser targeted local search-focused content to complement the local searches for keywords most relevant to your business/target audience.

Step/Patent 2
Proximity Relevancy
Google My Business Directory Listing Data Can Be Found In (Not Limited To) The Knowledge Panel, “Discover More” Results & Much More

Google Business Profile Directory Listing

What is a Google My Business listing exactly?

Ensuring there’s consistency and authority for Google’s own business directory is paramount. If you don’t know much about GMB, it can be compared to other large business directories, such as Apple Maps, Truelocal.com.au or Womo.com.au. GMB’s purpose is to provide listing information for your business that is available in an easy manner. This is where we focus efforts on auditing your website, business directory listings and other online mentions as we must ensure any/all display as close to 100% consistency as possible to your GMB. Your GMB acts as a channel for potential customers to find quick information about you, such as reviews, specific geographical location, phone number, website address, hours of business, products and/or services you offer and so on. However, unlike those mentioned above, Google’s directory database is shared in the most intuitive manner – using structured markup.

The Local SEO Sweet Spot:
Your Google Directory Information Is Always Found In

Discover More Places Although there’s no silver bullet with ‘Discover More Places‘, the chance of being included is only ever going to happen if you are highly relevant to the local search query used in the first place. For example, searching for ‘jewellery stores Sydney’ returned the following:

Local Pack Domination Pays Out You can access through your browser and when you search for a keyword/phrase, you receive a list of results and a map to make it easier to select a local option by their exact location. You can see how handy this can be below when I search for the keyword ‘Sydney Harbour cruises’

(NOTE: there’s also the Google Maps App for mobile users)

Local Pack Domination Pays Out The local pack is likely the most well known GMB-related spot (also known as ‘snack pack’) for your GMB directory business listing data to be displayed and below is an example for the search query “dentist Gordon NSW”.

Local SEO Services And The Knowledge Graph When you search for a business name, you can be (if the dots connect) presented with a Knowledge Graph, such as the below when I searched for ‘Alphabet Inc.’, the holding company of Google:

Step/Patent 3
Most Relevant Geo-Located Document + Link Authority Wins

Local SEO Services Link Building

Local Link Building Via Local Citations Sites, Directories, Guest Posts And More

Local link building strategies rely on researching of the best potential link building placements, whilst ensuring you don’t duplicate anything and that you are focusing on quality vs quantity from a well-rounded selection of links such as the following:

Local Citation Links
Local Press Releases
Local Guest Posting
Local Sponsorships
Social Media Profiles
Local Blogs
Product Reviews
Business Reviews And More
One of the key ingredients to long term rankings in search engines is our team focusing on building your reputation around solid off-page strategies that remain indexed and continue to pay out ROI for your online marketing budget for years to come. As algorithm updates happen continually, following crucial quality control factors minimises fluctuations and maximises returns.

Local SEO Services In Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney & More

Expert Advice for Your Local Search Requirements
We work with clients across Australia who have local SEO requirements in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and more. Contact our local search experts today for impartial advice so you can make an informed decision for your business.

How A Typical Local Sydney SEO Campaign Works

Our leading local SEO agency offers a two pronged approach to Local SEO services. Firstly, optimising your businesses GMB listing to be reflective of your Google verified business location and fully optimised for the search terms your local customers use to find your products and services. Secondly, optimising your website for the same local keywords and making sure that the NAP details (business name, address and phone number) used on your website directly correlates with your verified Google My Business listing. This combined with a comprehensive offsite digital marketing strategy, incorporating high quality local citation submissions and linking building utilizing content marketing via blog posts will achieve SEO success. Giving your business visibility in the 3 pack Google map listings and on the first page in the organic listings for your most important local search keywords. Below we go into detail about the different steps involved in our Sydney local SEO service and why you should consider us as your go to local search SEO partner.

Speak With Your Local SEO Team Today

If you’re ready to throw some questions our way, our expert local search specialists are available to discuss your unique situation and to provide initial advice on how best to approach your requirements.

Local SEO Services FAQs

Localised SEO is a popular form of search engine optimisation (SEO) which helps businesses become visible to search engine users, within their geographical area looking for their products or services. This localised organic traffic comes from the search engine results via the map listings or from first page organic search results.
The cost of a local SEO strategy in Sydney is dependant on a few different variables, Before we start any work our SEO team will conduct a full analysis of your website presence focusing on SEO strengths and weaknesses, optimised content requirements, GMB page optimisation, the competitiveness of keywords relating to your niche, current rankings, inbound link structure and the online visibility of your GMB page. With this data we will be able to formulate a meaningful local SEO proposal with a full breakdown of the work needed to give your business maximum local exposure and take it to new heights. Ultimately the cost of a local SEO campaign is very much dependent on the competitiveness of your industry but we will always be transparent about this and will give you a good understanding as to why we are quoting a certain price.
According to statistics from 2020 up to 97% of people use search engines to find local business, I think we can now truly say gone are the days of the Yellow Pages. Also, 50% of people using their phones for local searches will end up visiting at least one of those stores they searched within 24 hours. And finally just to further reinforce the importance of local search and the impact it can have on growing the online presence for your business, 46% of all Google global searches across the world have local intent, which is 35 billion searches per day by the way.
Google Maps is an invaluable tool for any business looking to attract local customers looking for their products or service and over the course of the last 10 years has made the Yellow Pages completely redundant. The Google Maps functionality incorporates both a search engine to find businesses and a GPS enabled map which directs the users to that businesses location. Google Maps massively contributes to the overall amount of Google searches conducted worldwide every day and every search is focused around local intent and location based search specific to that user's geographical location.
The main ingredients which make up a successful local search campaign include the following items. Keyword research, competitor analysis, GMB page optimisation, optimised content creation, website technical SEO recommendations for and implementation, high quality local citation submissions & ethical link building tactics. On top of this, it's important to also pay attention to good website design and conversion rate optimisation to give the best possible user experience. Contact our SEO experts to find out how we can help grow your business.
As the saying goes content is king when it comes to search engines and this also applies to local SEO as well. Search engines don't read images so well and predominantly they crawl web pages looking for text or content. So you need to create unique content for your website and GMB page so they are highly relevant for the local search terms relating to your service or products. Before starting the content strategy it's important to research the keywords which have the best possible local intent while having high monthly search volumes.
Creating a solid reputation and awareness of your brand online is important as local search results not only produce website traffic but also conversions from local search are also a lot higher. With that, finding a local SEO Sydney company with the expertise to increase your results positioning in the SERPs can be a game changer for your business.

The best way to improve your local search results is by contacting a reputable local SEO company who have experience and provable expertise in achieving successful local search results in Google resulting in leads generated for their client base. If you are interested in working with top SEO experts in Sydney to market your product or service, please get in contact with Digital Search Group Australia today for a free no obligation proposal.

Without blowing our own trumpets, here at Digital Search Australia we do consider ourselves to be the best local SEO company in Sydney and even Australia. Over the years we have implemented a multitude of successful SEO marketing campaign strategies for Australian companies ranging from small businesses to well known Australian brands. Our goal has always been to deliver long term results for the most competitive keywords in the Australian search engine rankings. While providing our customers with a long lasting online presence using the best practices which will surpass their business goals.

Yes it is, having long term visibility in the Google map listings is an important tool for any Sydney businesses looking to attract local customers and increase their web presence. The search for directions function is used by millions of Australians everyday to find local business, personal addresses, restaurants and events. The Google app is widely used on mobile devices and makes finding directions to new businesses and services when on the move easier than ever.

Traditional SEO when employing the best SEO practices help to improve your organic visibility for relevant highly searched non location based generic keywords in Google.com.au on a national level. While local SEO strategies enable you to boost your Google My Business pages local visibility in the Google map listings alongside increasing your website's organic search engine rankings when potential customers are searching for your products or services within your geographical location.

Firstly what is NAP? It's an acronym for Name, Address, and Phone number and it's the blood and guts of any local search campaign. For Google or any of the other search engines using local search functionality, understanding your business Name Address & Phone number details are absolutely vital for your local online presence. As a business owner, it's essential that you make sure you are consistent across your website, GMB page and all external business directory listings or anywhere else where your businesses NAP details have online mentions. This is why it's so important to conduct a citation audit and cleanup when your business changes address, otherwise this can lead to confusing Google and losing visibility for local searches.

Multiple location SEO is for businesses who have more than one business location or address. For example, an Australian florist with locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. It would be highly important for a florist operating a flower delivery service to have good local visibility for each of their 3 business locations. The process is very similar to a normal local SEO strategy for a single business location. Apart from the fact you need to make sure all the different locations all have verified GMB pages and that their individual NAP details are mentioned on the business website preferably on individual pages which would be linked and associated to their respectful GMB location pages.

Yes you can have local SEO visibility for multiple city locations across Australia such as Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane but firstly you must have physical locations within those cities. You also need to make sure you have verified Google My Business pages for each location setup correctly. We also recommend setting up dedicated optimised location pages specific to the different locations of your business within your website. It's important to make sure your website's location pages correlate correctly with your location specific GMB pages. For example if you have locations in Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne. Your Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne GMB pages should link to your Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne location pages on your website. To reinforce Google's understanding of the multiple location nature of your business further, the NAP details (name, address and phone number) for each of your locations which appear on your GMB pages should also appear on the corresponding location page within your website. Confused yet? Please feel free to get in touch with us so we can fully explain the dynamics of local SEO for multiple locations further and put it all into context for you.