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Without beating about the bush, we are a team of highly experienced Perth SEO experts. We are great at what we do, offering a trustworthy Perth SEO service that delivers the best possible long-lasting SEO results for your business. Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous SEO agencies Perth businesses have had the misfortune of working with over the years. In our opinion, it’s a travesty that the SEO services Perth businesses have become accustomed to subpar work and SEO strategies that lack all of the essential ingredients needed for a successful SEO strategy. We encounter numerous companies daily which have invested with a Perth SEO agency that hadn’t seen any tangible improvement in organic visibility and are sometimes worse than before they started the work.Our SEO company in Perth aims to reinvigorate Perth search engine optimisation and lead by example. That means delivering outstanding SEO results for all the Perth businesses who work with us.

Have you previously had bad experiences working with a Perth SEO company? Do you feel highly sceptical about investing in Perth SEO services due to never seeing a decent ROI from previous investments? Were you previously working with a Perth SEO agency that never sent a single report to prove they were working on your SEO campaign? Or maybe you are looking for a Perth SEO service that can reignite your enthusiasm for SEO, delivering the tremendous tangible results you were once accustomed to? Or you could just be utterly new to search engine optimisation in Perth and want to explore the different options available? Either way, we would love to hear from you. We feel we have something unique to offer, and our experienced consultants at our Perth SEO company are always available to speak and are more than happy to give you valuable impartial advice at any time.

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Our Perth SEO service has been formulated over 15 years when our two company directors started working together back in 2006. We have assembled a highly accomplished team of Perth SEO specialists during that time, offering what we consider the best SEO services in Perth, Western Australia. We are highly passionate about SEO, and this will be emphasised once you speak to one of our friendly Perth SEO consultants. The ethos of our Perth SEO company is focused on maintaining long term relationships with our SEO Perth clients. For this to happen, we must provide outstanding SEO services Perth business owners can fully appreciate, which equates to first page rankings for all the critical keywords while adding indispensable value. Due to the trustworthiness of our Perth SEO agency alongside excellent customer care and exceptional SEO knowledge, in some instances, our Perth SEO company-client relationships have been maintained for over ten years. Get in contact today to learn more about how our SEO services in Perth can take your business to the next level.

With a Dedicated SEO Service

Put simply; we only offer SEO services in Perth and nothing else. Unlike other Perth SEO agencies, we don’t provide Google Ads management services or social media marketing. We firmly adhere to the “jack of all trades master on none” philosophy. This is especially the case for search engine optimisation in Perth or anywhere else in the world. As SEO is a continually moving target and keeping up to date with the latest organic traffic algorithmic changes and frequent Google updates is a full-time job in itself. For this reason, our Perth SEO agency does not proclaim to experts in other online marketing channels outside of search engine optimisation. We would rather be a serious 100% dedicated SEO company focused on what we are good at and continue to hone our SEO skills, ensuring we offer the best SEO service Perth business owners trust and recommend. Making sure we are ahead of the Google curve with organic search and leaps and bounds ahead of other Perth SEO companies. Who continue to delve into other online marketing channels they don’t fully understand while trying to make a quick buck.

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Contact us today! Our highly experienced Perth SEO consultants would love to chat and answer any questions you may have about our SEO service in Perth and how we are uniquely positioned to help your Perth business grow.

Transparent Perth SEO Service Strategies That Work!

SEO Perth Grow Your Business

We are sure you will agree that trust is what builds the foundations of any successful business relationship. To offer an SEO service, Perth business owners can fully trust its essential for us to be as transparent as possible. Transparency is the cornerstone of any successful Peth SEO agency-client relationship. SEO isn’t rocket science, but it’s easy to encounter snake oil salesmen offering a Perth SEO service that uses underhand SEO tactics if you are not careful. We are sure you have heard a few horror stories yourself about Perth SEO agencies who promise the earth and never deliver. Here at Digital Search Australia, we avoid the smoke and mirrors tactics other Perth SEO companies use. We are very sure you will appreciate our refreshing approach to SEO and customer service. We will make sure our clients are continually updated on what work we are undertaking for their SEO campaigns, backed up with easy to understand explanations and send out regular reporting. Hence, our clients know their Perth SEO service work is being worked on. Our Perth SEO team is very forthcoming and takes great pride in our work while educating our clients simultaneously. They fully understand and appreciate our Perth SEO agency’s effort while delivering a great return on investment. Below we have put together a step by step guide covering the main elements which make up a successful Perth search engine optimisation campaign.

An Expert SEO Strategy For Ranking Success

Step 01:SEO Perth In-Depth Audit for Your Website

Website SEO Audit and Implementation

Unfortunately, websites are often not developed with SEO in mind as it’s challenging to find a decent web designer who is also an SEO expert Perth business owners can trust. For this reason, websites are usually riddled with many SEO issues that massively affect SEO performance by delivering low levels of organic traffic and poor rankability. Our SEO audit process makes a significant contribution to the effectiveness of our Perth SEO service. Our technical SEO team meticulously conducts a comprehensive SEO audit that uncovers all the poignant issues holding your website back. If you are looking for eCommerce SEO in Perth? In that case, the SEO audit process becomes even more critical, as eCommerce websites have many more pages than regular websites, leading to more confusion if things are not configured correctly. Our Perth SEO specialists will make sure we leave no stone unturned when identifying all the crucial issues preventing performance while diligently fixing all damaging underlying problems. Contact a Digital Search Australia Perth SEO consultant today and find more about our technical SEO Audits and our all-encompassing SEO service Perth websites owners love to use.

Step 02:Planning, Keyword, Competitor Research & Content Creation

SEO Keyword & Competitor Research

The team at our Perth SEO agency are experts at keyword research and competitor analysis, which are the vital elements needed for strategic planning for your website’s Perth SEO campaign. Identifying the best keywords for page optimisation is an essential part of our SEO services Perth businesses benefit from providing them with the best outcome and return on investment. Being a highly recommended SEO company in Perth, Australia, we use all the latest SEO tools for keyword research while researching your high ranking competitors high-value keywords appearing in Google search. During this period, our team of professional SEO copywriters will also complete the content creation process once we have determined the keyword focus for each of your target landing pages. Our Perth SEO consultants then bring all of this data together and formulate an SEO strategy unique to your products, services, and catchment area, giving our Perth SEO service a clear roadmap to follow, enabling us to increase your online presence and grow your business. We are always available for a friendly no-obligation consultation; contact an SEO specialist in Perth today! Get in touch with our team and find why we are the most genuine SEO company Perth has to offer.

Step 03:Implement On-Page SEO Recommendations, Upload Content & Start Link Building

Fix Issues Found by our SEO Specialists

The success of your Perth SEO service depends on the successful implementation of the high priority technical SEO recommendations from the above-mentioned SEO audit. Digital Search Australia’s team of Perth SEO experts will fix all of the essential SEO issues while also uploading the optimised content we have created to inject crucial keyword relevancy into your websites most important pages. Our Perth SEO agency will then get your link building strategy underway, which involves obtaining backlinks from authoritative 3rd party websites pointing to the pages on your website we want to push on to the first page of Google. Inbound links generated by our Link building process is the primary collateral Google uses to determine how well a website ranks. This ongoing endeavour accounts for a vast amount of man-hours undertaken by our Perth SEO company each month. The combination of fixing the poignant onsite issues, uploading highly relevant content Google loves while starting the all-important ongoing link acquisition process to promote the pages we have optimised will bring together all the critical elements. This will be the primary catalyst and driving force behind the success of your Perth SEO service; expect green arrows pointing upwards on your following keyword ranking report and lots of them. Get in touch with one of our knowledgeable Perth SEO experts today if you have any questions!

Step 04:The Best SEO Service Perth Reporting Available

SEO Services Sydney - SEO Reporting

SEO reporting plays a crucial role in our Perth SEO services, giving you an understanding of the performance of your SEO Perth strategy. While also providing an overview of the work which our Perth SEO company is undertaking on your behalf. Believe it or not, there are many unscrupulous Peth SEO agencies out there who don’t send out any reporting whatsoever to their SEO clients, which means they are not accountable for any of the SEO work they are supposedly doing. At Digital Search Australia, we provide regular ranking reports to monitor clients websites improvement in organic search rankings in Google. Our SEO Company in Perth also provides monthly reports for our SEO clients detailing all of the links, local citations and Press Release submissions we have procured over the last month. An experienced Perth SEO specialist will compile an in-depth SEO permanence report for your SEO campaign each month if you decide to work with us. The information will dissect all-important organic traffic data from the client’s Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts. Our Perth SEO service gains full credibility and trust when the client understands organic traffic data properly and sees which website pages deliver traffic and how many conversions are generated from organic search. This helps our Perth SEO service gain tangible and defined financial metrics, assisting the client in gauging our work’s actual return on investment. At the same time (without blowing our trumpet too much), we give the client mass appreciation for why we are considered one of the best SEO companies in Perth through the clarity of our concise reporting. Contact one of our Perth SEO consultants today to find out more!

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If you are a serious Perth business owner and want to dominate the Google organic rankings within your business niche, our Perth SEO company would love to speak to you. We offer a no-nonsense Perth SEO service that is transparent, ethical and effective. Leave your details on our contact form, and one of our Perth SEO consultants will come straight back to you.

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There has never been a better time to invest in a reliable Perth SEO service and generate more traffic to your website. Online spending is going through the roof in Australia, and this trend does not look like stopping, making it a perfect time to engage a serious, no-nonsense Perth SEO company like us. We are amidst a vast paradigm shift in consumer behaviour that recent global upheavals have accelerated. People and businesses are going to be much more reliant on making purchases online moving forward. Effective Perth SEO services offer the best bang for your buck compared to other forms of online marketing offered by other digital marketing agencies. In our opinion, Perth businesses can’t afford NOT to include a cost-effective SEO service in their ongoing online marketing budget! If you are looking for the best professional SEO agency Perth has to offer, we can help. Our SEO company in Perth can guide your businesses through the highly lucrative maze of search engine optimisation while avoiding the pitfalls of underperformance and instead reap the rewards available from the vast opportunities within your industry or niche sector. Our Perth SEO agency can grow your online business at an accelerated rate by building a prominent online presence that enables you to build trust with your target audience and convert more business. SEO success is most definitely obtainable if you work with a reliable SEO company Perth business owners trust. We deliver an effective and transparent Perth SEO service and achieve great results that impact our client’s businesses in the most positive way. Get in touch today with our SEO Perth experts to learn more about how we can help your business website dominate organic search your industry or niche.

SEO Agency Perth Why Choose Digital Search Australia

There are many reasons why we should be considered a top SEO agency in Perth, and well worth your consideration. Our Perth SEO agency has an unbridled passion for search engine optimisation amplified by our hands-on approach for our Perth SEO client campaigns. We treat your business website as we would treat our website with care and due diligence. All of our SEO agency Perth staff have years of hands-on experience working with clients across Australia. We have the necessary resources, attributes and know-how to deliver search engine optimisation success for the Perth businesses working with us. We provide a Perth SEO service that offers a fully dedicated in-house SEO team, which means we never outsource any aspects of your SEO campaign to 3rd parties. Our Perth SEO strategies utilise a white-hat approach to SEO formulated over the past 15 years and are regularly updated and tweaked scientifically. Our Perth SEO company is always at the forefront of accommodating the latest changes in the Google algorithm and other essential organic search advancements. In a nutshell, you are in safe hands working with Digital Search Australia. We would love the opportunity to show you why Perth businesses highly recommend our SEO services in Perth. Get in touch with us today.

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Are you tired of your current SEO company in Perth regurgitating the same mantra of how you will see great SEO results soon? If so, it’s paramount your reverse the situation ASAP. We have clients who have been in the same position, but luckily we offer an SEO service Perth business owners will testify does what it says on the tin, and that’s achieving great SEO results. The sole focus of our Perth SEO service is geared around getting your site on the first page of Google for the most lucrative keywords and delivering high levels of convertible organic traffic to your website. The content marketing element we inject into our Perth SEO strategies via optimised content creation formulated with comprehensive keyword research works wonders in delivering high levels of organic traffic from a plethora of highly searched relevant keywords arriving on the first page of Google. A well researched and adequately strategised Perth SEO service will offer exponential growth in organic traffic to your website on a continued basis for years to come. Still, an ongoing commitment is required to see the magic take full effect. Take the first steps and investigate why we are considered the best SEO services Perth offers and why your business should partner with us by contacting one of our Perth SEO specialists today.

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Contact Us today if you are looking for a Perth SEO service strategy proposal incorporating the latest SEO techniques and approaches, which will help cement your most valuable keywords into the top position of the Google organic results.

That Covers All Aspects Of Search Engine Optimisation

Being a top-performing SEO agency in Perth (Western Australia), we must offer well-thought-out SEO services Perth business owners can clearly understand and trust. Our Perth SEO services are entrenched within Digital Search Australia’s technical team’s daily operations. We are highly passionate about the effectiveness of every SEO service element that makes up our hard-hitting Perth SEO client campaigns. If you are looking for a particular SEO service to enhance your website’s SEO strategy, we are happy to provide individual SEO services. This is also a great way to trial our Perth SEO service rather than opting for an entire SEO strategy. We fully appreciate that when looking at SEO for your business, sometimes it’s a good idea to dip your toe into the water initially. We offer a full spectrum of tried and tested SEO services in Perth and we don’t lock-in contracts. Regardless of whether you want an SEO audit, keyword research, or trial of our blogger outreach link building capabilities, you will receive outstanding service and be happy with our deliverables. Below is a list of the core SEO services we offer on an individual basis. But please note, if you need something more specific or tailored to your needs, we should be able to help; please let us know.

Regardless of if you are interested in SEO packages in Perth or any of the above-mentioned individual Perth SEO services, you will be assigned an experienced campaign manager as soon as you start working with us. So you have that all-important ongoing support backed up with insightful customer service, which is essential for any legitimate SEO services in Perth. Your dedicated SEO campaign manager will guide you through the unfamiliar intricacies of search engine optimisation while making sure you fully understand our SEO process and are continually up to date with the progress of your SEO campaign. While fully understanding the unique SEO strategy we are implementing for your Perth business. Contact one of our Perth SEO consultants today if you have any questions or would like to explore further.

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Let Us Demonstrate Our SEO Knowledge & Trustable Service

If you have been let down by previous SEO companies in Perth we would love to hear from you. We are more than happy to pick up the pieces of those broken promises and we are sure that if given the opportunity we can help reestablish your belief and trust in search engine optimisation once more. Send us a massage so we can arrange a no obligation consultation with one of our friendly Perth SEO experts.

SEO Service Perth Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for reliable SEO Perth experts. In that case, your first port of call should be using Google search and finding the top-ranked website ranking for keywords such as “SEO consultant Perth” or maybe “search engine optimisation Perth” and see what websites are ranking highly. When contacting these highly ranked Perth SEO agencies, ask them for examples of work, including before and after client ranking examples, case studies, and ask if you can speak directly to any of their clients operating in similar industries to yours and get some genuine references and feedback.

We often get asked the proverbial question, “much do Perth SEO services cost?”. Here at Digital Search Australia, our Perth SEO agency offers local SEO Perth campaigns for as little as 1,000 AUD per month, and at the other end of the scale, we also have clients spending up to 15,000 AUD per month. The budget you spend on your Perth SEO campaign depends entirely on the competitive nature of your business’s industry, the lucrative nature of your target keywords and how much return on investment you make. Get in touch with us today and speak to one of our Perth SEO experts to discuss which of the different SEO strategies we offer will suit your business goals and marketing budget. We will then be able to deliver accurate SEO prices in Perth specific to your business goals and KPIs.

SEO isn’t rocket science, but we are sure a few Perth business owners out there consider it to be some kind of strange alchemy. To ensure your Perth SEO service performs well, you develop a steady upward trajectory, eventually sending your website into the stratosphere of the first page Google results for all your essential and highly searched keywords. There are a few things that need to be implemented for this to happen. Firstly you need to make sure that you have a good up to date working knowledge of search engine optimisation. If you don’t, it’s probably a good idea to find an SEO company Perth business owners would highly recommend with a high success rate. Once you have found a trustworthy Perth SEO agency to work with, the Perth SEO company you decide upon should hopefully follow the below basic steps, which will lead to a successful SEO experience.

  1. Planning and Research – Keyword Research to identify keywords suited to your service and products
  2. SEO Audit – To identify and fix any underlying issues preventing the website from ranking
  3. Optimised Content Creation – Develop highly relevant pages of content optimised with the keywords identified in the above research.
  4. Link Building. Develop an ongoing backlink acquisition strategy to promote the newly optimised landing pages populated with the aforementioned content.
  5. Local SEO – Optimise the GMB page and start developing a citation submission strategy

The above is a very simplistic outline of something that can be described far more sophisticatedly. If you are interested in exploring in more detail the different Perth SEO services and strategies we offer here at Digital Search Australia, please get in contact with our Perth SEO experts today.

301 redirects are incredibly useful for removing confusion and helping Google understand your website better. Google classes 301 redirects as permanent redirects, and if they are set up correctly, they will pass link equity from one page to another. Our Perth SEO specialists often utilise 301 redirects during our SEO auditioning process. They are used mainly for redirecting one duplicate page to the corresponding main page, and they are also used widely for website migrations when the website URL structure changes if moving to a new platform. So the old page redirects to the new page, and the new page then replaces the old page in Google’s index once Google indexes the 301 redirects. If your 301 redirects are NOT set up correctly and have redirect loop issues, this can be hugely problematic and confuse the hell out of Google. So it’s always best to work with a professional SEO agency in Perth with lots of on-page experience before attempting the 301 redirect process for a website migration by yourself. To find out more about the number one SEO service Perth has to offer while picking our brains about 301 redirect configuration, please give the team a shout today via one of our many contact forms.

Core Web Vitals is part of the new page experience signal being rolled out by Google in 2021 and will have significant ramifications for websites SEO performance if they don’t adhere to the new requirements. Core Web Vitals comprises four elements: Mobile-Friendliness, Safe-Browsing, HTTPS-Security & Intrusive Interstitial Guidelines. To get more information about your websites current Core Web Vitals scores, you can visit the Google Lighthouse Pagespeed Insights tool. Our Perth SEO company is heavily invested in keeping ahead of the curve concerning Core Web Vitals metrics and other related developments. We fully appreciate the importance and ramifications of not meeting the required score thresholds for our client’s websites and even our own. If you are concerned about your website’s current Page Experience score, please feel free to speak to one of our Perth SEO consultants.

Yes, certain SEO services Perth businesses use (depending on the quality of work) can help improve the performance of your Google AdWords campaign. The Quality Score system used by Google in Google AdWords for landing page keyword relevancy is very similar to how Google interprets your landing pages when determining ranking factors for organic search. This means if you invest in well-structured keyword-relevant content for the pages of your website, it will benefit that page’s organic search attributes and increase the Google AdWords quality score for that page, increasing the performance of your Google Ads campaign. Please contact our SEO company in Perth for more information on how we can help improve your website SEO visibility while increasing the effectiveness of your AdWords advertising. Another reason why investing in Perth SEO makes sense!

We have recovered many websites successfully from severe algorithmic link penalties via our SEO service Perth website owners will testify. If your website experiences a sudden drop in rankings and you have been involved in shady link acquisition activity, or perhaps you have potentially experienced a negative SEO attack from a disgruntled competitor. It’s always worth checking your website’s backlink profile. If you have toxic links pointing at your website’s pages, it is possible to trigger an algorithmic link penalty with Google and see a significant drop in rankings.

To see a potential penalty, you need to analyse all of the links that make up your website’s link profile. Link analysis can be tedious and requires specific paid SEO tools and the SEO experience needed to judge if a link is good or bad. There are tools that proclaim to audit link profiles via a fully automated process. However, this should be avoided as often these tools suggest removing good quality links that support your website’s current visibility in Google. We highly recommend using a professional SEO perth expert who has the required skills, knowledge and tools.

Once your link profile has been audited manually by a professional, they have identified a list of bad links. They then submit the list of website links via a disavow file submitted to the Google Search Console. Google will then disassociate your website from the harmful websites linking to you, and hopefully, you should see a recovery in rankings.

Local SEO will literally put your business on the map in Perth or, rather, your Google My Business page. Regardless of whether you are a florist, plumber, dentist, lawyer, or any other countless business types that operate in Perth, they can all benefit from Local SEO in Perth. The SEO process which will enable your businesses to be found locally within the Perth geographical location includes the following:

  1. Keyword analysis to ascertain the best keywords to target for your local SEO campaign.
  2. Optimised content creation containing your locally focused keywords for your website and Google My Business page.
  3. Optimisation of GMB page
  4. Ensure your business’s NAP details (Name, Address & Phone) and details are correct and match the same across your website and GMB page.
  5. Local citation audit to make sure all business directory listings are using the correct NAP details. If not, contact directories and change to correct details.
  6. Start citation building using correct NAP details for any new submissions
  7. Conduct backlink building focused on the website using local SEO keywords in link anchor text.
  8. Continue the local citation submission and link acquisition tactics while promoting the Google My Business page with new genuine 5-star customer reviews.

Conversion rate metrics for organic traffic found in the Google Analytics tools is probably one of the essential metrics our Perth SEO company looks at when gauging the success of your Perth search engine optimisation campaign. Conversion Rate is triggered when a user conducts a specific action such as filling in a contact form or buying a product on an eCommerce website. Google Analytics then records this action as a conversion; Please note, Google Analytics needs to be configured correctly for this to happen. When you see user conversions via organic search associated with your SEO optimised landing pages, you will gain invaluable insights into which pages are performing. While also allowing you to define your overall marketing strategy by comparing the conversion rate performance against other traffic sources such as Google ads or direct traffic. To confirm, the effectiveness of our SEO service Perth businesses use is gauged by the metrics provided by Google Analytics. We provide all the poignant and critical data from Google Analytics in our monthly reporting in the most transparent manner possible. Contact a Perth SEO consultant today and ask for some reporting examples.

Developing a solid content strategy for all of your website’s essential pages is probably one of the best things you can do to improve your website’s SEO performance. A good content strategy is a game-changer and something our SEO service in Perth focuses heavily on.

Unfortunately, our Perth SEO company has noticed over the years working with Perth SEO clients that they often have websites with substandard content. The main reason for this is working with local web designers who have developed websites without any content requirements and have launched the site with what Google considers to be thin content on the majority of the sites pages. Over the years, our Perth SEO agency has even witnessed brand new websites launched with no content whatsoever. Having a website submitted to Google’s index with just blank pages is a death warrant for SEO success.  If your website isn’t performing well and you have never invested time or money into content creation, your website is more than likely suffering from a thin content algorithmic penalty.

Many different factors affect the performance of SEO strategies, but in our opinion, content is the number one factor.  We consider ourselves the best SEO providers Perth offers because we don’t avoid content’s critical role, unlike many other Perth SEO companies. Well researched and structured optimised content creation provides the lynchpin to your success giving substance and meaning while injecting relevancy for the keywords which deliver business generating traffic to the pages of your website. While also giving the end-user vital information about your products or services and confidence in your interactions. Having well structured optimised content focussed around different groups of keywords also helps Google differentiate the pages of your website from one another, which mitigates any duplicate content issues, which is another major issue that affects the performance of your website search visibility. Unfortunately, many Perth SEO agencies love generating internal-duplicate issues due to their lazy approach and lack of appreciation towards content development.

Another important consideration if you have very little content on your website pages is the ramifications of backlink procurement. Put simply, why would people want to point links to your website’s page if you are offering no content or information for the end-user. This is why long-form depth informative blog articles are renowned for obtaining many natural links from other websites.

As you can see from the above, there are some profound and compelling reasons and benefits for why Content is considered King. When it comes to SEO and why you should invest in a content marketing strategy for your website main pages as part of your Perth SEO service. For further info or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Perth SEO agency today.

Black Hat SEO involves using specific underhand SEO tactics which go against Google’s guidelines. These tactics can generate quick results, but very often, the results achieved are very short-lived. Google has become a lot more sophisticated in detecting bad practices from the dark side. So in our opinion, this is an area any serious Perth business owner should avoid at all costs, and we highly recommend you work with the best SEO companies Perth offers. Ensure the Perth SEO agency offers white hat Perth SEO services that will give your website an online presence that will stand the test of time. Of course, Digital Search Group Australia is uniquely positioned to help in this area. Contact our SEO experts Perth businesses are happy to recommend for bonafide white hat SEO.

The WordPress CMS is the most popular website platform globally and enjoys a 40% market share. It’s a versatile platform, and it has a tremendous amount of functionality for performing SEO tasks and doesn’t have the same restrictions as many of its competitors. Many Digital Search Group clients who use Perth SEO services use WordPress. However, as we head into a new era of mobile-friendliness, mobile website speed, web page rendering requirements, and adhering to the new Core Web Vitals metrics, the approach we take regarding WordPress websites needs to change somewhat. Unfortunately, many WordPress websites don’t meet Google’s new page speed and rendering requirements because they are too cumbersome and have too much website bloat. 

While keeping a straight face, there is a website obesity crisis going on, giving your Google rankings a severe heart attack in the near future. We are not directly pointing the finger at the WordPress platform, but it is one of the main culprits due to its massive market share. Unfortunately, the vast amount of functionality available via the endless list of WP plugins and the enormous number of template themes to choose from are to blame. Put simply, all this extra functionality and slick looking themes with all the bells and whistles are mainly made up of JavaScript and CSS., both of ARE, which are massive render-blocking resources that affect the website’s load time and rendering of pages. In our SEO agency, Perth circles, certain WordPress websites using SEO unfriendly bloated WP themes are described as having “more scripts than the life works of William Shakespeare”. So it is sometimes advisable to move to a new WP theme and change the page building technology being used alongside. Look at WordPress page builder options that meet the new Google Core Web Vital standards, such as the Oxygen page builder, which uses lightweight code and utilises less web bloat demanding resources. Contact our SEO specialist Perth team for more information.

Acquiring inbound links from other websites for our clients plays a huge role in our SEO services in Perth. The quality and the number of inbound links from other websites pointing to your website is the primary measure Google uses to determine the authoritativeness or value of your website. Google uses inbound link signals to determine if a web page should rank for specific keywords,

I am sure you can now appreciate how critical external links are to the Google ranking ecosystem. Put simply, “dofollow” links pass link weight or link juice (all the good stuff) to the website you are linking to, which will positively impact that website’s ranking and overall authority. However, links using the “nofollow” link attribute will not pass any link weight across to the website it’s linking to and will only direct traffic if clicked on. To find out more, please contact our SEO consultants Perth team.