Pay Per Click Management Services 
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What Is Pay Per Click Advertising?

PPC or cost per click is an internet advertising tool made for the purpose of directing traffic to specific websites and we offer comprehensive Pay Per Click management services in Sydney and nationwide. Think of Pay Per Click advertising as an airport page boy, holding up a sign with your name on it, and you willingly follow him to your waiting limousine.
With Digital Search Group, we have a wide range of PPC management services like Google AdWords and Bing PPC. Our Pay Per Click experts make sure this marketing strategy works for many type of business. We make PPC more profitable by decreasing your cost per lead. Each of our clients is assigned a campaign expert who will get to know your business first and then recommend what kind of PPC campaign strategy is best suitable for you to increase your sales.

Why Use Our Pay Per Click Management Services?

Here at DSG, we are constantly being asked whether Pay Per Click management is necessary as an additional tool to drive up traffic to websites. Our answer is YES but with caution. However, there will always be businesses that may not be helped by PPC, albeit very few. The following is a list outlines reasons why your business may not benefit from PPC in your online campaign:

  • Your website does not need to have immediate traffic
  • Your website does not have to see the results of the conversion performance of your website’s landing pages
  • Your marketing campaigns do not need exposure at specific times of the year (seasonal campaigns)
  • Your website already has key phrases that are ranking organically
  • Your overall budget is not more than $500 a month for your online marketing campaign

So you see, not every business would benefit by utilising Pay Per Click advertising as part of their marketing strategy. We have success stories from businesses that have used our Pay Per Click Management services alongside SEO - some pause PPC and some continue with the investment.

If you want to learn Pay Per Click management for your own campaigns, you can always learn and these tutorials from Google are a great starting point.

Whether you decide to go it alone, or to sign up to our PPC campaign management services, you are not only assured of driving more traffic to your website, you are getting a whole lot more in terms of reports for you to fully understand what goes on in an online marketing campaign like Pay Per Click.

Advantages of using us for your PPC Management Services

We will provide you with these 4 monthly reports:

1. Keyword Report
A Keyword Report shows you your keywords’ performance for you to know which ones are generating more traffic to help you meet your advertising goals. In this report, you will know the following:

  • Impressions or Impr. – Here you will find how many times your ad was shown.
  • Clicks – This is the number of times an ad link was clicked.
  • Click Thru Ratio or CTR – The ratio of Clicks to Impressions
  • Average Cost Per Click or Avg. CPC – This is the varying average cost that Google charges for each click for each phrase.
  • Cost – Clicks X Avg. CPC
  • Average Position or Avg. Pos. – Google Sponsored Links will show you where your ad stand for each phrase for the last month.

2. By Device Report
As the name implies, this report shows your monthly traffic on the different devices it was used which include: 1.) Computers and desktops; 2.) Mobile devices or Smartphones (with full browsers); 3.) Tables with full browsers

3. By Day Report
As the name implies, this report shows the traffic on your site by the day of the week, from Sunday to Saturday.

4. By Click Type Report
And finally, the 4th report we will give you is a monthly traffic report by people who have clicked one of the following items on your website:

Headline – people clicking on the ad link on your website’s headline

Site link – people clicking on one of the additional site links on your ads

Phone Calls – people clicking on the phone call button in your ads

Driving Direction – people clicking on the directions link which provides directions to your actual business location.

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