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Are you looking the A Team to deliver ROAS consistently via solid Google Ads Management Services Sydney business leaders recommend (Note: Formerly Google AdWords Management Services)? Generating outstanding Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) is our soul purpose in life. Together, focus on laser target your content relevancy, and Google AdWords Management Services work every single time and across any niche. We make our PPC services more profitable by decreasing your cost per lead and ultimately to make significant return on investment. We don’t mess around: ALL new projects are handled by senior members of our team with a minimum of 10 years experience in crafting content marketing strategies that not only drive RIDICULOUS paid search ROAS, but also rank your brand in the organic SERPS!

Sydney Google Ads Management Services

Why Use Google Ads Management Services?

With Google Ads Management Services, sometimes there are reasons as to why your business would not immediately benefit from pay per click marketing services as part of the overall marketing strategy:

  • Your audience is already tried and tested over a long-term legacy paid advertising strategy and you quite simply need to diversify into generating more organic search traffic
  • Your website does not have to see the results of the conversion performance of your website’s landing pages or different content/layout testing
  • Your marketing campaigns do not need exposure at specific times of the year (seasonal campaigns)
  • Your overall budget is too small to (-$500) and cannot be used in testing
  • The client has little to no relevant content and understands that Google will only charge more to deliver traffic that is both less meaningful data-wise, and also more expensive due to being less relevant for search

With that, Pay Per Click advertising is certainly a big part of an overall marketing strategy, but certainly needs foundations to be a success.

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Why Use Google AdWords Management Services?

We are regularly asked whether Google AdWords Management Services are necessary as an additional tool to drive up traffic to websites. Our answer is yes, provided the ROAS is paying out. At the end of the day, if your Google Ads budget yields a return on the investment, why would you stop?!

Should You Use a Google Ads Management Service Or Consider Doing In-House PPC Management?

If you want to learn Pay Per Click management for your own campaigns, you can always learn and these tutorials from Google are a great starting point. Whether you decide to go it alone or to sign up to our PPC campaign management services, you are not only assured of driving more traffic to your website, you are getting a whole lot more in terms of reports for you to fully understand what goes on in an online marketing campaign like Pay Per Click.

Looking for an Expert Google Ads Management Service?

Let’s Introduce You To Our Trusted Google Ads Management Agency Partner

If you are trying to find a one stop shop to cover all marketing channels, design requirements, development tasks, etc, this simply doesn’t exist. With us, you benefit from having our years of experience to help introduce you to a trusted Google Ads Management Agency Partner and allow us to complement both the organic and paid advertising services together in the most effective manner. Give us a call to find out more today!

01Google Ads Management Services Keyword Report

A Keyword Report shows you your individual keyword performance, which allows a clearer understanding of how your users engage with your service or products. This helps reduce cost per acquisition and laser target your advertising goals. In this report, you will know the following:

  • Impressions or Impr. – showing how many times your ad was found but not clicked on (an opportunity to fine-tune your CTA).
  • Clicks – This is the number of times an ad link was clicked.
  • Click Thru Ratio or CTR – The ratio of Clicks to Impressions
  • Average Cost Per Click or Avg. CPC – This is the varying average cost that Google charges for each click for each phrase.
  • Cost – Clicks X Avg. CPC

Average Position or Avg. Pos. – Google Sponsored Links will show you where your ad stands for each phrase for the last month.

02By Device AdWords Management Services Performance Report

  • As the name implies, this report shows your monthly traffic on the different devices it was used which include:
  • Computers and desktops;
  • Mobile devices or Smartphones (with full browsers);
  • Tables with full browsers

03Google Ads Management Reports By Day

  • This report shows the traffic on your site by the day of the week, from Sunday to Saturday.

04Google Ads Reporting By Campaign

And finally, the 4th report we will give you is a monthly traffic report by people who have clicked one of the following items on your website:

  • Headline – people clicking on the ad link on your website’s headline
  • Site link – people clicking on one of the additional site links on your ads
  • Phone Calls – people clicking on the phone call button in your ads
  • Driving Direction – people clicking on the directions link which provides directions to your actual business location.

PPC Advertising Services That Work

Google Adwords offers a wonderful opportunity to test the effectiveness of a new product, the power of a ‘Call To Action’, or even a potential eCommerce platform overhaul, and all with relatively low risk. Through continual review and improvement as part of our monthly performance management process, we create a highly optimised campaign that increased company revenue exponentially.

We Are a Unique PPC Advertising Agency

Here at Digital Search Group, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all strategy. If you want a cost-friendly, location-specific, quality, and strategic PPC campaign, we do that best! Our skilled PPC advertising team will be able to help you build the perfect campaign to grow according to your needs. Whether in Sydney or an eCommerce brand using our PPC management in Brisbane, we’re lucky enough to have grown household names all built from humble beginnings.

Pay Per Click Marketing Services FAQs

PPC Advertising on Google Adwords can have a number of benefits including improved customer acquisition, increased traffic and conversions, and higher revenue—all at a minimum cost.

Establish a baseline performance for your advertising campaign to evaluate traffic and conversions. Find information about your cost per click, conversion, and keyword performance to assess your next strategy. Higher CTRs lead to higher conversion rates which lead to higher ROI. Get PPC advertising management support from a PPC agency today. We are the PPC company Sydney businesses have relied upon.

The best way to advertise on Google is with AdWords. Google Adwords and PPC can give small businesses an unparalleled marketing opportunity by making sure related keywords show up on top Google results right when your prospective customers are searching for them. When setting up your text ad, make sure you’re using keywords that help people find what they’re looking for. Choose a proper bidding strategy to maximise your advertising budget.

PPC services are the most popular way to advertise on the internet. It is a cost-effective marketing solution that will help you get your products and services in front of potential customers. With Google Ads, you can target leads based on their interests and location so that they will come across your ad when customers are searching for them.

The service offers pay-per-click (PPC) ads that businesses can place on Google search engine results pages. Personalise advertising based on different factors to find out which resonates best with your audience segment. Google Ad services lets you see how many people completed the desired action following their click through rate. At the end of each month, you will be given access to detailed reports on how different creatives perform in various markets around the world and track what’s performing well and not. Grow your lead database, online sales, or mailing list sign-ups with a minimum spend.

To pay for Google Adwords, sign in to your Google account. Simply enter your payment information. Google has a number of methods for processing payments, including through credit card, PayPal, and invoicing. Find a trustworthy, best in quality, and budget friendly PPC partner like Digital Search Group. Get a free consultation today!

You need to have a thorough understanding of advertising to successfully manage your own Google Adwords account. With a special focus on quality, increased revenue, and customer satisfaction, Digital Search Group provides monthly reporting which includes important metrics keyword performance, quality score, click through rate, impressions, and conversions. We will give you actionable insights based on your budget and keywords performance to make sure that you’re getting the most out of every advertising dollar.

From there, we will make changes accordingly in order to maximise your budget and revenue. Create the perfect campaign strategy to fit your business needs with Google Adwords Management from Digital Search Group. We have a team of strategy specialists who know how best to engage potential customers through a well-orchestrated marketing campaign.

Probably not. Advertising campaigns are a complex process and there is a lot of information that needs to be updated and managed on a regular basis. In most cases, it’s better to hire someone competent in SEO and PPC advertising than do it yourself.

Digital Search Group specialises in managing campaigns for clients throughout Sydney and across Australia. We have earned an excellent reputation for effectiveness and marketing success while providing cost-effective PPC advertising services with cutting-edge marketing tools. In addition to our stellar reputation as the best PPC Sydney agency in the industry and one of the premier local SEO and Google advertising agencies worldwide, we offer in-depth consultation to all our customers, no matter what industry you’re in. Partner with Digital Search Group today!

Google Remarketing is a type of display advertising that targets potential customers who have previously visited a website. Advertisers use remarketing techniques to promote relevant product offers in an effort to bring back previous visitors and get them more engaged with their brand. On the other hand, Google display ads work by taking into account many different factors including keywords searches, demographics, and behaviours, and tailoring responses accordingly.

Strong branding techniques are vital for any company looking to succeed but even if you have one of the most creative brands out there, nothing will help it grow without an online presence.

PPC Advertising on Google Adwords is usually the least expensive way created to advertise online. The level of sophistication and automation you get with Google is unmatched by any other. The ads are easy to create, specific to your industry, and allows you to target leads with a minimum budget.

Our Google Ads campaigns will play out all across the different demographics to lure people to you, strategically increasing lead generation and conversion rates for your brand. Here you can set a budget, get very granular with your targeting, and really control how much you spend. You will bid for specific keywords in search engine traffic and pay when someone clicks on your ad. With a refined online marketing strategy, higher click through rates and reduced cost per click can be achieved at a fraction of the cost.

Google Adwords, now called Google Ads, are a type of marketing campaign in which you bid on keywords related to your business. So say you own a jewellery store and want more customers. You might create an ad with specific text to try to attract prospective buyers from search engine results pages and also set the amount you are willing to pay a cost per click.

Google Adwords are displayed on the SERPs (search engine results pages) and are generally found at the top and underneath the search engine results pages.

Google Adwords is a pay-per-click advertising platform. To use this tool, advertisers create an ad campaign, set a daily budget for that campaign, and provide keywords to target. Success is measured by the click through rate of your ads, which indicates how many people are interested in what you’re offering. If you need support for your Google Ads, please visit our Contact Us page for more information.