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Are you looking for experts in providing successful SEO for lawyers to take your law firm to new heights via search engine optimisation? Our experienced team has delivered SEO for lawyers across all legal disciplines. SEO for law firms has the potential to drive large volumes of qualified leads and at the precise moment the requirement is there for your services, you could be found top of the search results and contacted first! The vast number of prospective clients out there searching online for personal injury Lawyer SEO, criminal law firm SEO, & other legal services is exactly that, criminal!

If you want to take your share of that action, read on from here and our expert team will guide you to the top of the Google Search engine and all others with relative ease – see you at the top!

Law firm SEO for solicitors and lawyers in Sydney

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Local SEO Services For Lawyers In Sydney Help Drives Leads!

The total visitors from the first page of Google search engines results for legal services has grown in recent years by thousands of percent, making it hard to find the best SEO for law firms – we’re here to help. Law firms ranking on the first page of Google for high-intent keywords can attribute an average of 60% of their leads to their online presence, driven by effective SEO.

legal services SEO click through rate

Whether your practice specialises in personal injury, commercial, family law, criminal, etc, OR is multidisciplinary, our local SEO agency is here to help your practice become the leading brand either for your local Sydney area, Suburb, or even requiring multi-location SEO for lawyer offices across Australia, we’ve got the expertise to support your business.

SEO For Lawyers In Sydney: Success With Zero Guesswork

Successful search engine optimisation for legal practices can (quite literally) make your legal services the gold standard go-to authority for the thousands of people seeking legal services like yours online and the volume of potential leads from the search engines is more than impressive.

If you are wondering whether there’s are many potential clients available via local SEO for your law firm website, here are just a couple of examples of the number of potential clients available to your practice, should you have a successful search engine optimisation strategy in place:

Keyword Research:

SEO For ‘Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney

This snapshot is the total metrics from Google Keyword Planner for the group of SEO keyword research related to ‘personal injury lawyer Sydney’, which totals to a whopping 3,600+ people searching per month for this group of keywords, and a huge average Cost Per Click in Google Ads of $84.88 AUD/Per Click.

Keyword Research:

SEO For ‘Criminal Lawyers Sydney’

The snapshot to the right represents the data from Google Keyword Planner for a group of keyword research related to ‘criminal lawyers Sydney’, which cumulatively equates to 4,500+ people searching per month for this group of keywords, and an average Cost Per Click in Google Ads of $31.69 AUD/Per Click. 

With our expert team of SEO Content Strategists, we will be able to start the process of opening your website up to a whopping 30% of these searches per month (1,350 qualified people looking for your legal services, every single month!) online via your website. A solid content marketing strategy for your legal firm will not only improve your reach, it will make your business the most successful practitioner in the digital marketing online space.

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We are here ready to help take your legal firm’s digital marketing strategy and local SEO strategy to the next level, so either book a meeting with our legal SEO experts today or download the example keyword data below to learn more before we talk.

Outrank Any Local Law Firm’s In Your Area Crushing The Competition

Can you imagine the impact of our SEO services for lawyers driving your law firm ranking positions to the top of the search engine results for all relevant keywords, crushing your competition and driving large numbers of qualified traffic – you above every competitor, every time? This is exactly what our SEO for law firm websites will do, when you type into Google ‘personal injury lawyers Sydney’, your brand will be above your competition and this will ensure anyone searching for your legal services will find you first, putting you at the front of the queue!

Stamp Your Law Firm’s Authority As The Reputable Option

With the hope of not sounding too repetitive, we are a specialist SEO agency for lawyers, and will ensure that your practice is consistently found highly in the search engine results above your competitors. Thus, your legal practice core legal services will be seen as the best option, creating a tidal wave of qualified and ready to commit prospective clients.

SEO For Law Firms With Zero Guesswork, Only Results

The Best Local SEO For Law Firms Requires Keyword Research

The best Lawyer SEO Companies will know that the first place to look is keyword research and in the below, we’re giving you a sneak peak into the kind of marketplace available for both personal injury lawyers, and criminal lawyers in Sydney.

What Does A Law Firm SEO Strategy Entail?

The various elements of a successful legal practice SEO strategy include (but is not limited to) the following services, which all form part of the bigger picture of our meaningful approach to SEO for lawyer website organic SEO strategies:

SEO Content Marketing Strategy Planning For Legal Practices

Our comprehensive SEO audit service is one of the leading services of its kind (if we do say so ourselves), which has been updated over a 15 year hands-on SEO career alongside our expert in-house team & covers all a client needs to dominate the search engines. Our SEO content marketing strategy for lawyers will not only pave the way for your practice area locations, but also for you to become the dominant brand for content leadership across the broad spectrum of content opportunities, producing laser targeted content asset suggestions that support digital marketing for (but not limited to) your:

  • Location(s) ranking results
  • Disciplines you specialise in
  • Guides and/or tutorials
  • And much more

If you want your law firm SEO campaign to cover all organic channels, coupled with social media marketing potential, our expert team can provide you with exactly the tools required to dominate search engines and social media alike. To complement your quest for organic search results success, our SEO copywriting services are designed to take your business to the next level by delivering highly optimised content that reads well and that Google would love to see ranking highly in their organic search results every time.

Local Lawyer SEO Marketing Builds Google Business Profile & Other Directory-Generated Leads

With organic local attorney search engine marketing, optimise your content not only on your physical website, but also optimise external websites to mention your brand in the most effective manner, effectively sending out positive sentiment and mentions across the city, which means phone calls and enquiries are coming from all sources.

Link Building For Law Firms

Our link building services for legal websites and link building for law firms ensures your content performs optimally, giving the best seal of approval or confirmation of your contents integrity is to have it linked to by an external website giving you a ‘mention’ to your valuable content with a link straight back to your page. Our link building services for lawyers and link building for law firm websites are approached by using a 100% value-packed strategy that will ensure your website authority, relevancy, and supporting search engine ranking ingredients are evergreen – the gift that keeps on giving!

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If you’re now becoming confident in our ability to take your attorney SEO marketing requirements to the top, why not download the keyword research provided here and decide your next steps?

Law Firm Search Engine Optimisation FAQs

The process of auditing a legal website to improve/remove technical issues, providing a meaningful and impactful content marketing strategy for law firms, and then providing link building for legal websites. These three pillars of natural search marketing are the main requirements for effective lawyer SEO.

The cost of natural law firm website marketing depends on the specific needs of your business and strategy required. Average budgets monthly: $1,500 AUD to $40,000 per month are realistic, with the higher budgets usually focusing on multi-location SEO strategies for legal practitioners having multiple offices across the country.

To put it simply, search engine optimisation for lawyers will put you at the top of search engines, and ahead of your competition to drive highly qualified and ‘ready to become a client’ leads.

Yes, as illustrated above, the potential for success (with the right strategy) is high and there are enough online prospects available to make a game changing business growth impact for any legal practitioner that finds the best SEO expert for their law firm.