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In a nutshell we are a team of Brisbane SEO experts and we are great at what we do and we do what we say. We distance ourselves from the plethora of unethical SEO agencies in Brisbane who have plagued Brisbane business owners for so many years with broken promises and poor SEO results by doing the exact opposite. Are you looking for an SEO Brisbane service provider who actually delivers on their promises ? Or Maybe you are searching for a Brisbane SEO company who has a full workable knowledge base of the latest SEO trends in 2022 and knows how to implement an effective white hat SEO strategy? Or Perhaps, you are looking for an SEO specialist in Brisbane who is willing to put their expertise to the test and provide a Pay On Results SEO strategy for your business? If you have answered yes to the above questions we would love to hear from you. We firmly believe our SEO service in Brisbane can deliver the SEO results your business deserves and from that we can forge a strong long term business relationship.

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Our Brisbane SEO services are derived from 30 plus years combined SEO experience which is shared by the companies two directors at Digital Search Australia. Joe Ryan (CEO & Founder) and Laurence Porter (Director) started working together on SEO projects back in 2006. They don’t proclaim to be magicians or experts at escaping from straight jackets but they do have the SEO experience, SEO knowledge, knowhow and pedigree to make your Brisbane SEO campaign outperform your competitors while delivering meaningful traffic to your website which converts into sales and leads. If you are looking for the best SEO agency Brisbane has to offer, look no further. Our SEO strategies are always ahead of the Google curve and the SEO techniques we implement are safely underpinned with strong white hat SEO principles. If you are interested in finding out more about our SEO services get in touch today.

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Our Brisbane SEO agency is purely focused on providing a dedicated SEO service for the Brisbane businesses we work with. We don’t proclaim to be a master of all trades and hence don’t get involved in other forms of online marketing such as social media marketing or Google AdWords. As the saying goes “Jack of all trades, master of none” which unfortunately applies to so many other SEO companies in Brisbane. We have our hands already full just dealing with the ever changing landscape which makes up search engine optimisation and what’s required to get our SEO Brisbane clients on the first page of Google and keep them there. We make sure our SEO Brisbane services are fully transparent, we report every change we make to your website and we also report on all external activities we undertake such as providing monthly link building reports. So you have full visibility to what’s happening with your search engine optimisation campaign at any time. Interested in finding out more? Contact an SEO consultant in Brisbane today!

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If you are new to SEO and have questions as to how it all works or need reassurance about our SEO approach and achievements? Feel free to reach out and have a chat with one of our friendly and highly knowledgeable Brisbane SEO consultants.

What Makes A Successful Search Engine Optimisation Campaign

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Transparency and honesty are at the heart of our Brisbane SEO agency ethos and our Brisbane SEO team are highly passionate about the SEO work they undertake for our many clients across Australia. If done correctly search engine optimisation can offer huge opportunities for your business driving a rich vein of highly relevant organic traffic to your website, impactfully increasing your website’s online presence. Ranking in the top positions on Google for the most sought after keywords within your industry can have a huge impact leading to more sales, customers and the opportunity to grow your business. However there is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding around SEO, Brisbane business owners will concur. That’s why one of the main aims of our Brisbane SEO company is to help demystify the confusing elements of search engine optimisation for our clients. So they have a greater understanding of the SEO work we are doing and also understand how we are achieving SEO results. Below we have put together a guide covering the 4 main SEO elements which make up a successful Brisbane SEO campaign.

A Search Engine Optimisation Strategy For SEO Success

Step 01:Brisbane SEO Specialists Audit Your Website

Website SEO Audit and Implementation

Having a technical SEO audit carried out for your website at the beginning of your Brisbane SEO campaign is the backbone of your SEO strategy. Very often websites which have not previously been optimised for SEO have a large number of serious SEO technical issues, some of which are easy to spot and some of which are hidden away. Being a highly experienced technically focused search engine optimisation firm in Brisbane we take a very thorough approach to our advanced SEO audit process and we make sure we leave no stone unturned while identifying SEO technical issues found in our clients websites. Issues such as page indexability problems, incorrectly redirected links, index bloated websites, content relevancy issues and internal and external duplicate content all of which will be identified within our audit with custom technical recommendations for fixing the issues alongside. Contact us today and find out why clients highly recommend our website optimisation in Brisbane.

Step 02:SEO Brisbane: Planning, Competitor & Keyword Research

SEO Keyword & Competitor Research

While our SEO experts in Brisbane are auditing and discovering potential SEO technical issues within your website they will also start the planning process for optimising your website. Which includes industry market research, competitor analysis, thorough keyword research and also identifying the different landing pages we will focus our SEO efforts towards. Once our SEO consultants have identified satisfactory keyword groups and prioritised landing pages for your SEO Brisbane campaign we then start the optimised content creation process utilising an experienced team of SEO copywriters. A well planned SEO strategy is at the forefront of getting your website on the first page of Google and keeping you there. Contact our Brisbane SEO consultants to find out more.

Step 03:SEO Issues Fixed & Link Building Gets Underway

Fix Issues Found by our SEO Specialists

This is the time when the different pieces of your Brisbane seo campaign start to all come together. The combination of high priority technical recommendations from the SEO audit being implemented on the live site along with the newly created optimised content being uploaded to your websites pages has a huge impact on SEO performance. During this period our Brisbane SEO company team members will also get the link building SEO strategy underway. Which involves using an assortment of highly effective link building SEO tactics including blogger outreach link acquisition to generate link placements from real 3rd party websites pointing back to your target landing pages. Links from highly regarded websites is the main currency Google uses to determine the rankings of websites for competitive keywords. Luckily our SEO specialists in Brisbane have a huge amount of experience putting together well rounded link building campaigns, so you’re in good hands.

Step 04:Insightful SEO Reporting

SEO Services Sydney - SEO Reporting

To have a full overview as to how your SEO campaign is performing and an understanding of the work being undertaken as part of your websites SEO strategy, clear and concise SEO reporting is essential. Our SEO agency in Brisbane will provide you with regular meaningful SEO reporting throughout the duration of your SEO campaign. Unlike other SEO companies we provide our clients with monthly offsite marketing reports which detail the links we have procured over the last 30 days. We also provide regular ranking reports which monitor the ranking positions of our clients’ target keywords, so you can have full visibility of all ranking improvements throughout the Bribane SEO campaign. We also provide a monthly data filled SEO performance report which details all the important analytical search engine traffic data you need. So you can properly judge the effectiveness of our SEO work and the impact it’s having on your bottom line.

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Just fill in our contact form and give us your website domain and a few target keywords. One of our Brisbane SEO specialists will then conduct a free analysis of your website’s current visibility in Google and research the scope of all the available SEO opportunities for your business. We can then have a meaningful conversation about the best SEO approach and strategy for your business.

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A Brisbane SEO Company Who Are Always Ahead Of The Search Engine Optimization Curve

Due to recent worldwide upheavals and the pivotal changes in consumer behaviour in both the retail and B2B markets. Online spending is going through the roof in OZ, as consumers and businesses are becoming much more reliant on online purchases for both goods and services. To underline this online spending has nearly doubled in Australia when comparing 2019 with 2020 data and this trend will continue to grow. There’s a huge opportunity for businesses to capitalise on these changing dynamics by investing more into online marketing and increasing their businesses online presence and exposure. Organic traffic generated from SEO in Brisbane offers the best bang for your buck compared to ALL other online marketing options. Armed with decades of combined SEO experience we firmly believe we are the best SEO company in Brisbane to get your website to the top of Google. Our Brisbane SEO team have worked on hundreds of effective SEO strategies throughout Australia and we would love to have the opportunity to demonstrate why businesses highly recommend us for search engine optimisation in Brisbane.

Why Choose DSG As Your Brisbane SEO Agency

There are many great reasons why you should work with our Brisbane SEO agency. Firstly, we achieve awesome SEO results for our clients. We have been doing search engine marketing in Brisbane for over a decade and our team of SEO experts have the skill, knowledge and experience to take your website to the next level. We also have a single minded approach to SEO, which means we don’t get involved in working with other online marketing channels, we literally live, sleep and breath SEO offering the best SEO marketing Brisbane has to offer. Our SEO agency is also 100% transparent about the SEO work we do for our clients, let’s be honest the Brisbane SEO industry does have some credibility issues. We feel the best way to combat this is to make sure our Brisanbe clients have full SEO campaign visibility while making sure we are very clear about our SEO Brisbane service pricing.

Get On The First Page Of Google With The Leading SEO Company In Brisbane

To put it bluntly our level of SEO knowledge is obscenely good and well beyond what other search engine optimisation companies Brisbane can offer. To call our attention to detail when planning our Brisbane clients SEO strategies obsessive is an understatement. Sound Technical SEO recommendations are at the forefront of our SEO strategy planning and the team at our SEO Brisbane company will make sure all the boxes are ticked and technical requirements are delivered to get your website on the first page of Google for all your important keywords. Regardless of if we are conducting an audit of your website, putting together thorough keyword research or link building using our proven blogger outreach process, our work utilises the latest white hat SEO principles alongside results winning SEO Brisbane techniques. Contact one of our SEO specialists to find out more.

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Trustworthiness & Transparency Are Embedded In Our Ethos

Speak to one of our Brisbane SEO consultants today and find out why we are different to other SEO providers in Brisbane . We are sure you will fully appreciate our refreshing transparent approach and will be impressed with our highly knowledgeable and passionate SEO specialists.

Brisbane Search Engine Optimisation Services To Choose From

Being a leading search engine optimisation agency Brisbane business owners can trust us with their online marketing needs which is exhibited by the full spectrum of SEO services Digital Search Australia offer. All of the individual SEO search engine optimisation services we offer which make up our SEO strategies incorporated into our clients SEO campaigns use the latest white hat SEO techniques and are tried and tested. So if you require individual services such as optimised content on your websites pages or need a technical SEO audit we have you covered. The whole aim of the below selection of listed bespoke SEO services is to increase the rankability of your website getting it to the top of Google while increasing the overall authority of your site in the eyes of Google. So it will outperform your competitors websites for years to come.

Our SEO Brisbane services come with a dedicated SEO campaign manager who will be your main point of contact throughout the duration of your SEO campaign. The SEO consultant will guide you through the onboarding process and will provide full support should you have any questions while keeping you updated on the progress of your SEO campaign at regular intervals. Unlike a lot of other Brisbane SEO agencies who are somewhat lacking in the customer services department, we are sure you will find our SEO campaign managers highly knowledgeable, easy to understand and great to talk to.

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If you would like a full proposal detailing a complete SEO strategy and roadmap for the SEO work needed to deliver specific goals, KPIs and SEO success for your business. Please fill in our contact form providing your contact details and any other relevant info. One of our friendly SEO consultants will then be in touch ASAP.

SEO in Brisbane FAQs

SEO stands for “search engine optimisation” and involves the process of ranking a website as high as possible in the organic Google search results. There are 10 positions on each page of Google and your aim should be to appear in the top 3 positions for your most highly searched keywords which will give you the lionshare of available traffic. The Google algorithm updates regularly and it can be frustrating keeping up with all the changes, that’s why it’s a good idea to work with a professional SEO firm in Brisbane who have the experience and up to date SEO knowledge to get your website to the top of Google and most importantly keep you there.

SEO in Brisbane works much the same for the other major search engines such as Bing and Yahoo as it does with Google. The SEO strategy process involves optimising your website, creating optimised landing page content to make your pages relevant for the target keywords you want to rank and conducting content marketing along with other tactics to generate backlinks to promote those pages. However Google has the lionshare of worldwide users and is far more popular search engine compared to all of the major search engines combined . Which means it is much more competitive to rank on Google and requires more investment in SEO services to see meaningful SEO results.

We are your go to SEO expert in Brisbane because we care and have the resources and expertise to deliver on our promises. Our SEO agency has a large in-house SEO team who utilise the latest SEO techniques while making sure they are always ahead of the pack when it comes to the ever changing demands Google places on SEO companies when it updates its algorithm. We like to keep our clients updated at every important juncture throughout their SEO campaigns and we provide insightful reporting, coving proof of work and easy to understand presentable Google analytics data. Get in contact today and find out why we offer search engine optimization Brisbane businesses highly recommend.

A canonical tag or (“rel canonical”) is a way of mitigating duplicate content issues which can seriously affect SEO performance. In essence the canonical tag tells the search engines which page is the master page which should be ranked and given priority over other pages. This works particularly well when you have a number of pages within your website which are identical or are very similar. Just simply implement the “rel canonical” tag on the duplicated or highly similar pages and make sure the tag contains the link pointing to the master page.

If your company is looking to gain local Brisbane customers, local SEO is the way to go. Locally focused SEO strategy will give your businesses website local visibility in the Google search results and deliver traffic through your Google My Business pages visibility in the geographically based Google maps listings. We highly recommend that you contact one of our SEO consultants and enquire about our Brisbane local SEO services and find out how we can help formulate an SEO campaign for your success.

We often work with businesses who have used a regular marketing agency for SEO which sometimes leads to disastrous consequences. A regular marketing agency will usually offer you a whole range of different services which will make up your overall marketing strategy. This might include AdWords, email marketing, blog posts, social media marketing, print advertising, radio advertising and of course SEO. Because they are offering such a large number of different marketing services what we usually find is that the SEO side of things is often neglected. The reason being is that SEO is difficult and very often your bog standard marketing agencies in Brisbane don’t have the staff, resources or knowhow to effectively deliver a well rounded SEO strategy which an experienced and fully dedicated SEO Brisbane company can. For this reason we strongly recommend for the sake of your SEO success that you get in touch with a Digital Search Australia Brisbane SEO specialist today.

Any SEO company in Brisbane who guarantees SEO results shouldn’t be touched with a barge pole as far as we are concerned. In general these types of SEO companies are not interested in growing your websites organic visibility and formulating a mutually beneficial long term businesses relationship. Instead they are more concerned with getting your website on the first page of Google (often for terms which will not yield any sales or new customers) so they can get paid. This then has negative consequences for the business owner as it leaves a sour taste in the mouth in relation to the recent poor SEO experience and this can severely damage the online marketing progression of the business, which is absolutely vital in this day and age. Unfortunately, this is a very common story in our industry and we suggest you avoid these scammers at all costs. As they saying goes ‘If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.

Looking for the best SEO in Brisbane can be a daunting task at the best of times. First of all we suggest typing “SEO Brisbane” into Google and contacting SEO agencies on the first page of Google. Start some dialogue with each Brisbane SEO company you are speaking to armed with some important and highly valid questions such as:

  • What is your SEO agency’s  approach to SEO and do you implement white hat SEO tactics for their clients SEO campaigns?
  • Do you have SEO experience working within my niche or industry?
  • What are your views on the importance of website speed for mobile and achieving high “Core Web Vitals” scores in the Google Lighthouse report?
  • Realistically how long will it take for my website to see tangible SEO results?
  •  What is your SEO agencies approach to link building?
  • Do you put a lot of focus around content creation and making sure your clients web pages are well optimised and keyword relevant?
  • What do you cover in your SEO technical audits?
  • Who implements the SEO recommendations generated from the SEO audit on my website?
  • Do you have any SEO client case studies relevant to my industry?
  • How many years experience do your SEO Brisbane specialists have working in SEO?

SEO is really dependent on the competitiveness of the business industry sector or niche you operate in. If you are in a highly lucrative industry such as finance your target SEO keywords are more than likely going to require some serious ongoing investment in SEO to see tangible long term traffic driving results. There is also a correlation between the cost of Google AdWords and the SEO competitiveness for certain groups of keywords, you just need to look at the extremely high cost per click prices for certain “insurance” related keywords to get an appreciation of this. Another consideration when determining how long an SEO campaign will take to see SEO results comes down to the age and authority of your website. If you have a website which is 10 years old and has been dominant all of that time with no SEO work carried and just sat in Google’s index not being found like a billboard in the woods. There is a good chance that with the correct SEO marketing strategy in place we can elevate your website into some highly profitable ranking positions on Google within a short timescale. To get a more insightful idea of the timescales needed to achieve your SEO goals please contact one of our Brisbane SEO consultants today.

Title tags are one of the most important onpage elements in SEO as they are the main label Google uses to determine what a page is about. Having well optimised title tags with unique page specific keyword relevancy across all the different pages of your website will make a massive difference to the overall success of your SEO strategy.

Populating the main keywords in your title tag which encompasses or represents the keyword and keyword variations a particular page is optimised with will enable Google to fully understand which keywords to rank the page for. Not only is the title tag the first place Google looks at when crawling you web page to determine the subject matter the keywords used in the title tag also appear in the Google search results. The keywords appearing in the blue link in the SERPs used to open your website are extracted directly from the title tag metadata. This means not only is the title tag important for Google’s ranking algorithm but it’s also important for user intent and click through rate (CTR) so you should also focus on making your titles re[resentive of your service and products as well. The length of a tile tag should be between 50-60 characters, if the title tag has too many characters words will be cut off in the search results and the title will appear truncated.

Since being in operation our Brisbane SEO company has witnessed many changes in search over the years but one thing that hasn’t changed is the list of regurgitated SEO myths which never seem to go away. Below are some of the more famous and not so famous chestnuts we have picked up on over the years working in SEO.

  • SEO is Dead (the all time classic)
  • Google doesn’t really care how slow my website is
  • If I stop spending on Google AdWords it will affect my SEO performance
  • Social Signals are a serious SEO ranking factor
  • Title Tags and Headlines are not important for SEO
  • Link building isnt important anymore
  • Buying cheap links from Fiverr will help my long term SEO
  • SEO is a one-time activity
  • Stuffing the same keywords across all my website pages will help my SEO

As the saying goes “one shoe doesn’t fit all” and this also applies to SEO in Brisbane. The focus of your SEO campaign will have a big bearing on the costs involved. There will be a significant difference in pricing depending on if you are focusing on local Brisbane results or if you want to focus on national rankings across the whole of Australia or perhaps you have multinational requirements. For locally focused campaigns we do offer affordable SEO in Brisbane options but if you want to target national ranking keywords there will be more link building requirements due to the increased competitiveness. Unlike a lot of other SEO companies we prefer to look at each individual website and study the clients requirements before putting together any prices. Contact a Digital Search Australia SEO specialist today to find out more.

If you have been in business for sometime and have a website with online visibility you have no doubt been offered SEO packages in Brisbane at some point. SEO packages can work well if they have been planned out well taking into account all SEO strategy considerations. For example a poorly put together package wouldnt include any content creation in the pre prepared strategy. Or might not include any citation submission work and Google My Businesses page optimisation even though it’s clear that a local SEO strategy is best suited to capture the clients target audience. If a package is tweaked according to your business’s unique needs and requirements they can work well as with any finley turned SEO strategy.

Duplicate content can become an albatross around the neck of your website’s SEO if you or your web design agency don’t know what you are doing. There are many forms of duplicate content ranging from indexed duplicate pages, indexed paginated pages on ecommerce sites and even keyword cannibalization of title tags. In a nutshell, if you have the same content be that text on a page or the same keywords appearing in multiple title tags it will cause mass confusion with Google and will affect the performance of your SEO campaign drastically. Good news is that if your website is confusing the hell out of Google due to duplicate content issues, help is at hand and our SEO management in Brisbane can usually reverse the situation fairly quickly. Firstly, we need to identify the duplicate content and then fix the issue using SEO techniques including (but not limited to) noindex pages, conducting redirects, rewriting metadata and conducting URL removals using the Google Search Console.