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We are proven, loyal, and honest experts in providing SEO for dentists across Australia. Our dental search engine optimization service has worked with numerous dentists across Australia over the years and we have dozens of verifiable first page ranking examples across all the major cities and high value suburbs throughout the country.

Get in contact now so our team can provide you with a meaningful dental SEO strategy along with an insightful education into the approaches and techniques we implement when conducting SEO for dentists which make up our highly successful dental SEO services. You will also receive a free and fully customised SEO audit of your website, bespoke dentist keyword research based around your brief and dental practices location and surrounding suburbs.

SEO for dentists is a proven online marketing strategy that works fantastically well for dentists throughout Australia. SEO for Dentists offers the best bang for your buck when compared to the extremely high costs of Google AdWords for “dentist” related keywords which very often cost between $10 AUD to $30 AUD per click.

Due to high costs of dental patient acquisition via PPC advertising models it makes the investment required for effective dental SEO offering long term free targeted traffic which continues to grow, so much more appealing. Please contact us today and find out first hand why we are considered the best SEO agency for dental website marketing and find out how we can help get your websites to the top.

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Leading SEO For Dentists By Dental Marketing Experts With Dozens of Dental SEO Case Studies

Being industry leading dental SEO experts we have mastered the art of harnessing search engine optimisation with a laser focused approach for dental practices. Our work delivers valuable dental SEO clinic website rankings and Google visibility across the major Cities, Suburbs and Towns in Australia. If you’re looking for the top dental digital marketing agency to get results, look no further than Digital Search. Here are just a few of many highly successful dental SEO services client case studies that are greatly benefiting from the power of our expert search engine optimization for dentist clinics:

Dental Search Engine Optimization Case Study #1:

Dental Search Engine Optimization Case Study

Client Case Study #1 is a single location practice dental SEO campaign focusing on driving organic search traffic from the population of a major Australian city (City & client name withheld for this process. We will provide you with examples following an NDA being signed. The client came to us with aggressive growth plans in mind targeting some of the most competitive generic dentistry SEO keyword search terms, to the most competitive cosmetic dentistry online marketing keywords on the internet. Across the 6 year duration of the project, we’ve seen their business grow to be the number one in their city we’ve targeted with top rankings achieved for all primary keywords in

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Dental Search Engine Optimization Client Case Study #2:

Client Case Study #2 is a Multi-Location local Dentist SEO services strategy covering dental search engine optimization for 6 practices in one of the largest States in Australia. The following snapshots are before and after keyword visibility tracking data taken from the start of our relationship in January 2020 to today and the rankings are in their local areas on The following results have made this dental practice one of the most prominent ‘go-to’ dental practice practices in their region:

Set 1: Two Dental Practice Locations

Set 2: Two Dental Practice Locations

Set 3: Two Dental Practice Locations

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Need More Dental Patients Without Paying High PPC Costs? Our SEO for Dentists Approach Can Save You Thousands!

If you are currently reliant on a Google AdWords campaign for the acquisition of new dental patients for your dental practice and your organic visibility isn’t good, we can help turn things around. Please request a call back and one of our experienced dental online marketing consultants will educate you on what work is needed to create a dental SEO strategy which will eventually outperform your PPC advertising in terms of lead generation and cost effectiveness.


Creating a successful digital marketing and search engine strategy contains a lot of moving parts. The world of search engines is ever changing and our team is constantly up to date with those changes. What ranks for dental SEO today may not be the same tomorrow. Our ongoing dental marketing campaign strategy will see to it that your website climbs the search engine rankings and make sure that your dental clinic stays there once it is. Your success is our business and we will ensure that potential patients find you on the first page when they are looking to book an appointment for dental care. Check out the below bullet points to help you find the best dentist SEO service. 

SEO For Dentist Websites By A Proven Dental SEO Expert

Want your dental website to rank higher in Google? Well, look no further! SEO For Dentists Websites By A Proven Dental SEO Expert Team are here for you. We know everything about how search engines like Google work and have years of experience providing dental search engine optimisation and getting the most out of optimising websites for dental practices across the country. Not only can we get your website ranking high in search results, but we’ll also create an innovative dental practice marketing campaign!

In finding Digital Search you’ve just struck gold and have a genuine opportunity to remove the guesswork or wasting time going through pain with failing marketing campaigns, confusing research and other agencies broken promises. Finding Digital Search, is finding the top dental digital marketing services in Australia!

SEO For Dentists: Some Of The Obvious Benefits To Finding The Right Dental Practice SEO Agency That Delivers Results

While most dentists are often untrained in the nuances of dentist SEO strategy and other forms of online marketing, they’re a very knowledgeable field of dentistry and they understand the need for a continual stream of new dental patients if their dental practice is going to succeed. Here at Digital Search Group Australia, we fully understand the importance of increasing new dental patient numbers via Google organic traffic we generate through our dental SEO work is the litmus test for the success of our SEO for dentists service. Below are some poignant benefits to our dentist SEO service and our unique approach, which are a surefire way to drive new dental patients to your dental website and start getting fresh dental appointments.

A Couple Of The Many Benefits Of Successful Dental Search Engine Optimization Services:

  • Your website will rank higher on Google
  • You’ll get more patients coming as leads for your dental practice
  • Potential to grow your business becomes much simpler

Branded/Authority Benefits Of Dental Search Engine Optimization:

  • Gain an edge in the competition and stand out from the crowd

Get a better understanding of what customers are looking for when they search Google and harness the power of successful dental search engine optimization strategy

Single Location SEO For Dental Practices & Multi-Location SEO Marketing For Dentists

At Digital Search, we know the ins and outs of search engine optimisation from the macro to the micro – and even nano scale. When it comes to SEO for dental practices, we understand that local search results are key to your success. With our single location marketing strategy we provide comprehensive dentist link building services. Sydney SEO based audiences aren’t your target market if your practice is located in Perth. Getting your website to the first page in local search results will increase viable website traffic without the need for expensive advertisements and social media campaigns. We make it easy for possible patients to find you online when they are looking for a dentist. If you have a dental practice in more than one location, we offer quality multi-location SEO marketing for dentists that will give you the competitive edge across multiple locations and markets. Want to get started? It’s easy, just give us a call here anytime and our highly qualified staff will get you there!

Dental Website Marketing By The Leading Dental Search Engine Optimization Agency In Australia

Having an excellent website design is only one part of the puzzle to success online. Choosing to call on the services of a quality SEO team with a specialisation in dental website marketing will give your practice the edge in attracting new patients on a regular basis. We know how to make you stand out in the crowded search engine marketplace to ensure that when a potential patient is looking for a dentist, they will easily find your clinic – that’s how we became the leading dental SEO agency in Australia. We have a specific digital marketing strategy that is backed by proven results in the dental space that will have new clients booking an appointment through your website in no time. You can easily book a consultation by clicking here and giving us a call or filling out a simple form.

Local SEO For Dentists Designed For Dental Practices Advertising Success

When it comes to dental care, we know that you provide the best possible treatment to every patient that comes to your dental clinic. Please be reassured here at Digital Search we will provide you with the same level of care and excellent service when it comes to your website’s dental SEO. Our high quality dental marketing packages are individually tailored to every client and the specific needs for their site. We will never use a “one size fits all” approach to our marketing strategy for your website. This is what sets us apart from other SEO agencies – search engine optimisation is our passion and getting your dental clinic on the first page is our mission. We speak the language of search engines and know just how to get your practice ranking in short order. Give us a call here for a free consultation today!

The Best Dental Search Engine Optimization Company Out There Providing Successful SEO For Dentists

Don’t let us tell you. Our case studies prove that we are simply the best dental SEO company on offer in Australia. Dental marketing that will get you seen on search engines is our specialty. We cover everything from optimising your Google Business Profile, Google Ads and link building to powerful local based SEO on your website that will cut through the online noise for potential patients. More website traffic equals more patients booking an appointment through your site. Our top quality marketing strategy will rocket your business to the first page on desktop and mobile. Give us a call here any time and our team of highly skilled specialists in dental SEO service will be happy to answer any questions you may have and book you an appointment to start you on the path to the top rank.

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Dental Online Marketing & Dentist SEO Services FAQs

In general, any website that seeks organic traffic and a greater influx of new customers online will want to be found via search engine.  Dental practices will see a benefit from local search results on engines such as Google with the right combination of keywords. Links to your website also play a large part in driving viable internet traffic to your business. When potential patients using Google search for a keyword such as dental, search engine optimization is the key to the website being found in search results.

Dentists, like any other business, want their website to show up when people search online in their respective niche. Search engine optimisation or SEO is the tried and true way to make sure that your website or even a specific page on your website is findable by your target audience. There are several ways to approach dental marketing, however, people overwhelmingly use Google when they research something as specific as dentists. Often, people look to get in touch with local dentists via Google Maps – local SEO plays a major part in this process. It is imperative that your Google My Business page is findable in local search engine results as this is the most used method by patients during a dental emergency.

There are a number of ways to do basic SEO for your dentist website, including outsourcing of certain tasks like link building services. Perth has several dental SEO services that can be hired to do proper keyword research as well as SEO content writing which are a more advanced example of onsite SEO. Search engines are constantly updating the ways that people find information on the web, so having a highly skilled dental SEO specialist look after your site is recommended. If you are truly fixed on running your own SEO strategy, you should follow The Three Pillars of SEO:

  1. Technical SEO Excellence: Clean HTML, Logical URL Structure, XML Sitemap Index Management, etc
  2. Relevance: Content Strategy Including (not limited to) Title Tags, Headlines, Content Structure, High Quality & Readable Content, Keyword Optimised Text, Topically Influential, etc

Authority: Build Links & Citations, this way Google will see your content as authoritative (it’s worthy of an external source/website linking to it) and rank you higher in the SERPs

If dentists want possible patients to find their page when they are searching online then finding a reliable dental search engine optimization company to work on their site will be important. The services such as google work is based around an algorithm that, among other factors, will rank the quality and relevancy of the content on each site. This rank is represented by what page and position your website shows up in results. Usually businesses will contract a proven dentist website SEO service or specialist that understands and is up to date with current engine protocol to manage their pages.

Finding a reputable dentist digital marketing agency should be based on proper case studies from the provider among other factors. Seeing how other websites and pages they have provided SEO for have performed will give you a good idea of their ability to get your site to a higher rank in search results. Powerful keyword research along with the proper placement of those keywords by their SEO content writing team on each page is a must for a successful campaign.

A good example of a properly executed digital marketing campaign for dentists can be seen when you are searching for a term such as “dentist near me” and observing the top 10 results on page one that aren’t paid advertisements. It is highly likely that these top clinics have contracted proper SEO services or have an SEO specialist and content writer in-house to look after their pages. With the vast amount of competition on the web, you can imagine that showing up on the first page doesn’t often happen by accident. The reason for this is the ever shifting online engines where people do their searching. In order to remain on the first page without paying for an advertising service you will need an expert who knows how to navigate the ever changing online search landscape in order to keep you there.

Quality keyword research and selection in your target market is the key component to a successful digital marketing campaign in any niche. SEO in dental marketing is no different. Your website needs to be seen in organic results on Google no matter the business specialisation. People don’t usually search social media sites to find a dental clinic, using Google to search for a local dentist website is far more common. Having your dental clinic show up on the first page on Google Maps when people search will drive more potential patients to your business.

Creating a marketing strategy for a dentist will require a more centralised approach, most often including local SEO for their website. Making sure that possible patients can find a dentists page in organic results on Google and optimising their Google My Business listing to include the correct phone number and address are important. Often dentists will get in touch with a dental marketing website with good reviews for their service. Usually they look for a company with well established dental website local SEO services. SEO in Melbourne and the surrounding areas tends to have a lot of dental options to choose from, so competition for patients is steep. It takes more than just beautiful web design to attract new customers online in a crowded market.

Dentists, like any other business, typically want more website traffic driven to their page. Though web design is of course important, having properly done local dental SEO will play a big part in getting new patients into their clinic. This is usually done by selecting a powerful target keyword or keyword groups found during your initial keyword research that will then be woven into the SEO content strategy for the dentists site along with other features such as link building services. Brisbane area residents for example will often decide on where to get their dental needs addressed by finding reviews online via google my business listings as opposed to making random phone calls. So it is also important that this listing is properly optimised along with the pages on your site.

Return on investment from SEO can be easily calculated and most dental marketing and SEO companies will provide a comprehensive report at the end of each month. These reports are generated through highly trusted tools such as Google analytics and others. You will be able to tell if your web traffic is coming to your page from search engines or other avenues such as social media. The report will also list what keyword or keywords websites are ranking for during the month among other details.

We are happy to provide you with example case studies for our service regarding dental clinic websites as well as the two case studies provided above for your research. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by hiring us to get your website pages higher up the rankings. Think about it, if you have your main practice location page, plus a tooth whitening or other service, give us a chance with marketing these two pages with zero locked in contract and we will go to work for you immediately – limited right and high reward!

Any business will tell you that having their website and its subsequent pages rank on search engines drives more traffic and increases sales conversion. Though dentists are not a product based model and are there primarily to provide a service, the same will apply. Having your dental clinic appear on the first page when people search for a relevant keyword means more people are likely to book an appointment. Hiring a quality SEO agency to implement targeted dental marketing strategy should increase the number of new patients coming to your clinic. Local SEO also plays a big part in driving website traffic to your page.